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Call back later

Confession: When my phone rang at 5:44 Monday morning, I thought it was the alarm, and groggily I punched around on its face a few times until it finally stopped. That is how I sent a text template to Faith Builders Christian School (calling to inform parents of a two-hour delay), saying Sorry, I’m busy.

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Confession: I was up so late last night, three hundred and forty-two miles from home, that my brain is buzzing and my husband said to me “Are our phones goofing up? You sent me a text that apparently came in at x:xx. Were you really texting at that hour?” And I said “Yes.” In the strictest sense

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Confession: Yesterday I walked out of a restaurant without paying. This is not a joke. And nobody else paid either. I just forgot. It was a little coffee shop where I went to get a drink with my mom and my daughter. Because our drinks weren’t all ready at the same time and because they

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Confession: I’ve never met so many beautiful, polite, and tastefully-dressed people in my life. Charlottesville is a lovely town. This is me and me mum having caramel Café Au Lait on the Downtown Mall. I called it caffe ow late, but the barista never blinked. In my town I say sir and ma’am when the

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