Confession: I’ve never met so many beautiful, polite, and tastefully-dressed people in my life.

Charlottesville is a lovely town.

downtown mall 1

This is me and me mum having caramel Café Au Lait on the Downtown Mall. I called it caffe ow late, but the barista never blinked.

me and mom

In my town I say sir and ma’am when the need arises, but these guys sneak it into a corner of every sentence. My sentences don’t even have that many corners. Delightful.

They walk slower here, speak softer; their manners are pleasant and gentle and modulated. The men wear dress shirts everywhere, the women such charming spring dresses. I think it sweet of them to collect so many of my favorite things into one adorable area, pave it with brick, pop up umbrellas, and tumble cafés and coffee shops into the street. It’s clean and quiet, warm and green.

downtown mall 2

My sis is out of the hospital now, and two doors down from us in a suite. We’re grilling chicken on the deck tonight. I’m going to wear my souvenir—a turquoise scarf wrapped gently around my shoulders by the lady who sold it to me on the street.


I’m eating grits and soaking up sunshine, wearing sandals or less on my feet. So tell me–why don’t I live farther south?

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Ruthie Schrock
11 years ago

Shari – Nice picture of you and your lovely mom. I miss her. And, I am happy that Jean is out of the hospital. Nice post too.

11 years ago

I love that I’m so happy for people I’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting face to face. Blessings on all of you. That picture of your mom and you is ADORABLE!!

Uncle Jim
11 years ago

Shari, you hang out with such lovely ladies! Glad she’s my sis! Make the most of your time together and be blessed!

11 years ago

So…how many people do you have room to lodge in that nice little suite??!!??
The picture of you and your mom makes me miss both of you.
I would have loved to laugh with you while you were ordering that late owl drink.

Soak up the sunshine……..
Bring some of it home with you.

(it’s hard to bring an end to such random comments)

11 years ago

I like your scarf…smiling at the joy in your eyes and words. I don’t even know you, except thru this confessional booth of yours, but I’m pretty sure there’d be room for you in Georgia.
Jean is out! Yes, yes, yes!

Coleen Barnhart
11 years ago

I don’t know why you don’t, Shari. Pretty sure Deborah is correct. 🙂

Jo Yoder
11 years ago

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’ve just missed two of the most beautiful days of this year so far here in the barren Northlands. 😉 In fact, it is currently a balmy, breezy 82 degrees in the greater Meadville area, and (according to The Weather Channel online) a cloudy 75 degrees in Charlottesville. Unfortunately, the bipolar nature of our weather is supposed to take a turn for the nasty within the next 24 hours or so.

See you at school tomorrow night…don’t forget your jacket & umbrella…! 😀

Dorcas Byler
11 years ago

I am pretty sure I remember that street from when I was going to UVA for treatment! Delightful!

11 years ago

You could be a travel writer. The best ones collect the nicest scarves.

11 years ago

This whole post makes me happy. The smiles on the ladies faces are great. Jean being out of the hospital is great. And sunshine, polite people and lovely clothing and surroundings make me happy too. Thinking about sunshine and flowers makes me happy. And husbands who know how to hold the fort down (even if imperfectly) are superb. I know. I’m married to a guy like that . . . who has even blessed me and sent me on a missions trip for a good full week to another country with several other women! He stayed home and took care of the 4 children we had then. . . and then he did it again for nearly 3 weeks two years later while we brought home a sweetie that I met on that missions trip to her orphanage. Now he proudly parents FIVE kiddos. 😉 So yes, it takes men of great courage and faith to open their hands and let their wife go . . . never knowing what ripples might come from that “letting go” and pitching a stone into the pool of life, so to speak. I’m glad we are both married to that kind of men. See?? Sooo much happiness in your post!! (Tell your Mom I said, Hi. One of the unexpected good things out of Jean’s awful times has been seeing photos of your Mom’s smiling face!)

11 years ago

Makes me proud to be a Virginian! And sad to be far away from the sweet South…
Random observation: your eyes have an extraordinary ability to communicate joy. Lovely. And thank God for the recent joys He’s given you! I cheer. 🙂

11 years ago

Charlottesville is a lovely town, and I loved reading your description. Your last question–I’ve wondered for so many of my friends. 🙂 This time of year, especially it seems like perfection. But then in summer I don’t mind the heat and many of them do.

11 years ago

I too love Charlottesville! I spent three years of my life near that beautiful city, and Downtown Mall was one of my favorite places there. Thanks for taking me back!

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