Pumpkin craft day

While my sister lived in Pittsburgh, these last two years, we planned a ladies day every month during the school year. My mom and sister-in-law and I would drive down, along with our preschoolers, and we’d enjoy lunch and relaxing together, or an outing, or a project.

Now that my sister’s living in my town, it’s even easier. And school is back in session.

My mom invited the three of us over for a pumpkin craft day. She supplied frames from a dollar store and fabric from Joann’s, and we stitched the one to the other to make ribs. Then we decorated with all kinds of pretties she bought.

Photo credit Barb Coblentz

She made us lunch, too. Kinda hard to measure up to that quality of service and gorgeousness next time, so thanks for setting the standard so high, Mom.

Just kidding. For those of you who don’t know, one of the ways my mom loves people is to make things extremely nice for them. She has a gift for it, too.

The soup was delightful, a cream-based spinach and tortellini soup with sausage. Garlic bread on the side, and trimmings. The children had peanut butter and jellies, which suited them much better, and they ate in the sunshine and watched an epic battle between a spider and a bee.

I got some baby nephew time. xoxoxox

And now I really like how the craft looks on my porch. Plus behind it – new siding! My husband is hard at work, still in progress. Yay!

I’m ready for cozy weather. You?

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3 years ago

Gotta love that siding.???? Oh. And the pumpkin too. Fall feels fine again.

3 years ago

That is a really neat idea !! And it looks great on your porch with your new siding!

3 years ago

My favourites colour is October????????????

Twila Beachy
3 years ago

What a wonderful idea for fall! I love that pumpkin on your door! Think I’m gonna need to head to the dollar store just down the road!????

Ruth Anna
3 years ago

Your Mom. She’s just amazing. End of story. ???? (She was my FB mentor over a decade ago, and i still hold her in high regard.????) The craft and soup look just like her. Any chance the soup recipe is up for sharing?????

3 years ago
Reply to  Ruth Anna

Of course – pretty sure this is it.

Ruth Anna
3 years ago

Thank you!

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