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When I was young, I called my blog “Confessions.”

You will still hear confessions from me at times, but I will not tell you as much as I used to. That is because I do not know as much as I used to, about myself or the world or all the easy cognitive things that I just knew because I knew them. I cannot remove or unsay all those things, and to be honest I don’t know what to replace them with, but please know that I am growing old enough to laugh at them a little. This is an important stage for me developmentally.

I have spent time waiting to get somewhere before saying words again (any closer resemblance to a destination would have been acceptable), but I see that the journey may become (may have already become) the point.

The conversation I picture between you and I these days is less of disclosure and more of encounter. You might call it an intersection where we meet, where my life touches yours and yours touches mine. There are other unexpected intersections in my life, such as

  • where the sacred overlays the ordinary
  • where humanity meets inbreaking divinity
  • where silly collides with serious
  • where hunger receives satisfaction
  • where speech and silence kiss
  • where inadequacy finds grace
  • and where questions and non-answers make friends.

If we watch @ the intersection, we enter a holy place where gaps are bridged, and realities which could not otherwise intermingle are brought near to one another. This is the Christ I believe in, and his Gospel: He enters here.

Here we stand. Here we pause between who we are and who we will be, what was and is and is to come, the holy and the broken, earth and sky.

The intersection is not my space at all, not mine to control or claim or manage. I just wondered if you’d join me here, and we can watch together.

I do not know many things, but I know this: All are welcome here. Critics, friends, spies, worshippers, the haters and the lovers, the seekers and the sought. You are welcome.

Meet me
@ the intersection.

– Shari

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6 months ago

This resonates with me! I know much less than I used to. I’m so grateful for the surety of Jesus and His word.

6 months ago

This gave me a warm smile. Thank you.

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