About Me

Hi there. My name is Shari Zook.

I live in northwestern Pennsylvania with Ryan, my husband for twenty years and counting, and our changing number of children. Our current total is seven (also a personal best), with the oldest in college and the youngest in preschool. Four of those were born to us, three are a sibling group through foster care, and all are loved immeasurably.

We are fond of our home, family dinners, good books, close friends, adventures and outings, and intense conversations. I bake something yummy nearly every day, and the house smells good – except when it doesn’t, which with a family this size happens too. Usually we blame it on the dogs.

I have been many things at many times of my life, and sometimes I name those to show off or to shame myself, but mostly now I am a woman looking for a slice of time, a scoop of peanut butter, and a pen. Although I would take a donut if you have one.

Thanks for stopping by.

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