When Faith Becomes De Longest River

Foster care, Promoted

I am relieved to find, in the middle of my grief, that this wound is cleaner because I didn’t insist that he save me out of it.

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Pioneer patty pies

Celebrations, Food, Promoted

After the pies are baked, they pop right out – like mini springform pans without the spring. They are the cutest ever.

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When He’s Wrong

Marriage, Promoted

You know deep in your bones that what he is thinking or doing or feeling or chasing is going to land him in deep guano sooner or later.

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An open letter to the Santa-Jesus

Celebrations, Parable, Promoted

I have believed in you ever since I was a little girl, and I am so happy to say with confidence that I am on your Nice list again this year.

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Ten thousand reasons

Celebrations, Promoted

There is apple pie in the sunshine with apples from our own tree, and there is the radiant face of a child buried in corn.

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