Confession: After much reflection on this topic of blogging, I have concluded that the only way forward is for me to stop altogether. Thanks to everyone for allowing a good time to be had by all. Sorry. That was my April Foolish attempt at a lame joke. But I trust anyway that you’ll find the […]

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Peeps cupcakes

Confession: The weather is 13 degrees Fahrenheit in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and according to it feels like 1°. But it’s March 5, and today I saw the robins. Here’s a sweet idea for welcoming spring. Your favorite cupcake recipe + green-tinted frosting + sugared marshmallow Peeps = kiddo happiness, big time. Pretty self-explanatory, really. If

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Tonight I saw a V of geese flying away for the winter. They were flying north-east. !! “What do you think of that?” I asked The Boss. “Well, they were probly being led by some male too proud to ask for directions,” he said. Hey, I didn’t say it. I just hope some chick finds

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