Strawberry blessings

Confession: I didn’t feed my kids that chocolate cake.

I fully intended to, I really did. But… I found I was perfectly able to eat it all by myself.

And now I’m eating something even better.


strawberry salad

A strawberry field is strangely like the sea.

Your voice carries too far. The horizon is flat, and you navigate paths on a low profile, calling out to a few friends, coming close to strangers.

Home again, I got so tired of cutting off berry stems that I started playing a game, a counting blessings game, in which I dared my mind to move as fast as my fingers. One blessing counted for every berry





only some took several berries to appreciate fully

My sister

And that bristle of hair covering her head

And the success of her transplant

And that she can be here this week

and many of them were the names of people I love. As I played the game the berries began looking so lovely to me that I had to get out my camera.


So. We’re eating strawberry shortcake and strawberry pie and strawberry jam and strawberries plain and strawberries crushed with sugar and strawberry salads and strawberries with pancakes and whipped cream. I love this feast.

How do you use fresh strawberries?

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10 years ago

All of the above plus strawberry French Toast. Can’t get enough of them. 🙂

10 years ago
Reply to  Colleen

Oh and strawberry cream cheese cupcakes…forgot about those.

10 years ago

Strawberries sliced and mixed with the mornings cold cereal make most of the people at our house happy. Sliced and served over ice cream . . . or mixed in yogurt. Freezer Jam is nice too. Katya is particularly fond of fruits so any day with berries makes her happy–or cherries . . . Oh my!

10 years ago

I feel so honored to be in your blessings list. I LOVED bein’ with you and the kiddos. What fun times! Love you sis.

10 years ago

I am delighted you can eat lots of strawberries. i had lots of strawberries hanging on my plants last week. I was gone two days and my strawberries got eaten by some animal or bird. The rascals left me two berries and were they ever good. I was visiting my family in IN during their strawberry season. I ate lots of strawberries then, so i will be joyful in the midst of losing my berries!

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