Marching toward spring

Life around home

March comes in like a lion and does not go out like a lamb. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lion. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a bear. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a tiger. March comes in like a […]

March 31, 2015

Tips for surviving winter


Confession: For the first month or two of winter, I revel in the coziness, the hot drinks, the layers of hoodies and afghans. And then at some point (December 26th, maybe) I switch strategies, and begin ignoring the weather out of existence… because I simply can’t hang in there that long without becoming claustrophobic. Here’s […]

March 5, 2015

That time of year / Giveaway results

Life around home

This is the time of year when I finally give the season a name: I call it This Horrible Winter That Never Ends. Then I feel badly, because it is rather terrible to look a thing in the eyes and label it something cruel. This is the time of year when A Boatload of Snow […]

March 3, 2015

Last year: a homemade Christmas


Confession: I have trouble talking publicly about Christmas until there’s snow on the ground. This is unfortunate, and unlike my smart friend Gina, who has been doing a Christmas Countdown for weeks already. But yesterday, the magic came… and oh, does it look pretty as it falls! As our extended family gets bigger, the Coblentz […]

November 14, 2014


Life around home

Confession: I tried capturing a falling leaf on camera, in this glorious sun-drenched weather. It was harder than I thought. But I found some beautiful branches… So many causes for happiness, these fall days. Line-dried sheets, the last of the season. Newly-minted raised beds in the garden–who knew that shoveling goat poop could make me […]

November 4, 2014

In the fall

Life around home

A golden flurry of walnut leaves fills my backyard—they are always the first to go. Mornings are nippy; coffee tastes good. Tomato sauce boils over on my stove. I am sick of canning. A few dried beans today and then I am done for the year, and I say Good Riddance, though I’m happy with […]

September 15, 2014