Peeps cupcakes

Food / Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Confession: The weather is 13 degrees Fahrenheit in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and according to it feels like 1°. But it’s March 5, and today I saw the robins.

Here’s a sweet idea for welcoming spring.

cupcakes on white

Your favorite cupcake recipe + green-tinted frosting + sugared marshmallow Peeps = kiddo happiness, big time.

Pretty self-explanatory, really.

peeps cupcake

If you have more patience than I (or less cupcakes) you could make proper grass with stars. I did a star tip swirl instead: five seconds per cupcake.

cupcake corner



Do you make food that looks like spring? I want more ideas!


11 Replies to “Peeps cupcakes”

  1. A few drops of green color in shredded coconut makes a kind of grass-like cake topping. Stick it on with some frosting. For these, you could try rolling just the edges of the cupcake in it, to give a place for the Peep to stick.

    1. Well, thanks for that heartwarming vote of confidence.

      Of course you could (theoretically) remove the peep before enjoying the cupcake. Like I did.

  2. I like the looks of these especially since they’re not too labor intensive. Kmart has/had tulip shaped cupcake liners – bright spring colors with deep scalloped edges. I can see these cupcakes nestled in those! Jolynn

  3. Aww, so cute. I like them, peeps & all. My dad loves these peeps right from the freezer. It was always special when he brought them home around spring/Easter time.

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