Twelve fun cheap things to do in the fall

1. Take a long slow bike ride.

bike in leaves

2. Save seeds.

bachelors button seeds
bachelors button seeds

3. Dry herbs.


4. Fend off a head cold with a little saltwater.

salt water

At the first sign of a sore throat, dump a teaspoon of salt in a cup. Add hot water and stir to dissolve. Gargle and discard several sips, being careful not to swallow! Repeat several hours later as needed. The salt kills the germs before they have a chance to uh, ferment. I’ve used this trick to prevent more than one cold this fall.

5. Bake cookies.

monster cookies

6. Press some pretty leaves for one week. Hang them on your wall with sticky tack. = Instant fall décor.

pressed leaves on wall

7. Pick apples at a local orchard.

8. Photograph a child in the falling leaves.

kelly 2013

9. Visit school.

10. Craft a homemade gift for a friend.

11. Chop some veggies.

homegrown cabbage
late garden cabbage
  • After chopping five quarts of celery for a local fundraiser, I am now very good at chopping celery. You would not believe how good I am at chopping celery. It’s so nice to have this to fall back on, like if anything would happen to Ryan and I had to support myself… “I chop celery.” It would look great on a résumé.
  • I also chop cabbage. Cabbage is amazing. I like it fried lightly with some smoked sausage and hot pierogies. Heaven.

12. Spice some cider. [recipe]

spiced cider


What else is fun and cheap in the fall? Your ideas here!

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10 years ago

love those leaves on your wall. what a great idea!

10 years ago

Paint almost every surface in your bathroom: tile, walls, trim, cabinets, door, ceiling, countertop. Except that is not cheap, and it’s starting not to be fun either. 😛

I like the leaves on your wall, too!

10 years ago

The celery chopping is hilarious. How useful!

Gather acorns and hot glue them onto a thread or fishing line. Let it dangle somewhere. (Haven’t actually done this yet, but I did it other years. It is very pretty.)

10 years ago

Make apple crisp and burn my fall scented candles.
My favorite pic is ‘you know who.’
And I about died over the celery. ‘I’m Olga from de volga. I cook cabbage.’ 🙂

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