Confession: I kissed a frog once, for five dollars.* I thought it easy money, and I do still. If I had a lineup of frogs right here, right now—I’d kiss them all. One hundred bucks? That’s only twenty frogs.   *Sadly, he did not turn into a prince. He turned into a frog.

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Turkey courtship

Newsflash: My Current Reading page has fresh suggestions for your edification and amusement. ***** Observations After Watching Turkey Courtship in my Backyard The males are kind of cute when they show off. Cute in a bombastic sort of way. The females are either Extremely smart, or Extremely dumb. While Mr. Tom was strutting his stuff

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Spring fever

Pharaoh is the handsome, regal type: bushy and sullen, the kind that dominates by silence. Munchkin is the nice guy: clean, likeable, affectionate, the kind that takes his dates for walks in the moonlight. Both are gone more often than not these days, slinking home exhausted and mangy in the wee hours of the morning.

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