Little Sal, Mk2

Introducing our new goat, Little Sal Mark 2. She’s four days old and darling!

little sal 2

I’m no believer in reincarnation, just relieved out of my wits that she looks nearly identical to the one we lost so painfully last year. I feel like I have my pet back.

bottle feeding

And I still love bottle feeding.

We would’ve called her Sally by mistake anyway, so we gave her the same name. Mark Two.

kelly and sal2

If we’re lucky we’ll get another in a couple of weeks, to keep her company…

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Mama Zook
11 years ago

She is darling and quite the little match for your darling daughter!!! The last picture is priceless! And it looks like your bottle is big enough for all three, when the other two come to stay! May they eat all the brush that you don’t want and leave all the good stuff that you do want, and, Lord, give them the wisdom to know the difference, so as to keep my wonderful daughter-in-law a happy lady! (I would hate to see them eat something that you’ve lovingly planted, maybe for the second time!)

Mama Zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Mama Zook

went back and reread and realized you’re only getting one more…sorry I did a bad add!

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