Life around home / Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

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nibbling popcorn
on my pantry floor
but I know he

19 Replies to “Telltale”

  1. Like I once warned you…..DO NOT succumb to the temptation to poison him. Think about that parfum de deade moussie in your wall, and the feeling will quickly pass.

    1. Oh, I suppose you would prefer catching him live in a Cool Whip container, like we did with that tarantula long ago…?


      Got it. No poison.

  2. I love this! I was just thinking a few days ago about a poem about coke in the shape of a glass bottle. I enjoyed that in my “other life” before so many naps, snacks, dishes, burps, chores, coordination:) occupied my brain power.

  3. and I found the tell tale signs on my pantry shelf atop last fall’s peaches. Sorry, Shari, I did not know how to make this look like a mouse or the stuff he left behind! ‘Twas a great day when we caught three of those little rascals and plugged the hole we figured was the only way in!! Papa has a great story to tell about two traps that disappeared and were found a bit later!

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