Fluff and unbreakable habits

Confession: I have outgrown many things, but never my love of kittens.

I found these in my shed last week…

…four darling balls of fluff! I can hear my father groaning in the background. Ryan too. Neither of them has been successful in breaking me of this habit of cats.

I love cats. They are independent and mysterious, affectionate only secretly, coming quickly around the shed corner to find you, and then glancing up casually toward a dust speck in the air, pretending they didn’t really care anyway…

The boys were breathless when I brought them the basket. Kelly looked and looked, and then, touching one of the kittens, her whole face lit up in delight and wonder. First I-love-kittens smile, and I got to watch it!

Two of the babies are gray with white markings, like their mother. One is a tabby, and one an enchanting silver. I want to keep the last one, because he is fragile and calls my name. Another has also been promised a home. Any takers for the remaining two?

It would have been nice to have a mix of kitten colors instead of all gray, but I will say I prefer monotonous natural coloring to the artificial version created indoors by Regan.

It’s a tune of his own invention, called Permanent Marker on White Stuffed Animal, patent pending.

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Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

Adorable………from a distance!! Glad they’re yours and not mine. For your children’s sake, if nothing else, I’m glad you like them. 🙂

11 years ago


Rachel Shenk
11 years ago

dear Shari…every post you write brings back delightful memories. Yes. You and kittens were always a given! And I have to smile. =)

11 years ago

Confession: I don’t like cats, but love kittens. I would be breathless just like your little boys to cuddle kittens again.

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