The tenth best thing about April

bare feet

blueberry buds




dogwood blossoms in VA



Please meet our new puppy, Penny.

She looks to me like one part beagle, one part spaniel, and one part UFO.

We are overcome. Completely overcome.




What do you like about April?

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Mama Zook
10 years ago

the thermometer will probably reach 70 sometime this month, and I got to buy myself a new pair of flip flops today, and took off my nylons and sandals while I was in town and put them on as soon as I got to my car. (Well, as soon as I could get all the tags off of them) BTW I love your puppy… will she be an indoor puppy, or not?

10 years ago
Reply to  Mama Zook

love this comment – it’s so me! buy them and wear them as soon as I can possibly get rid of what ever else is on my feet!

Rach (Wengerd) Eicher
10 years ago

Such a happy post 🙂 It is so, so good to finally have Spring make it’s appearance!

So… we are heading out your way next weekend and then at FB the whole of next week doing some work projects with Geralds. Any chance of meeting up with the Zook/Coblentz people over that time?? Would love to see you all! Even just meeting somewhere for a cup of tea/coffee would be great 🙂

10 years ago

Oh, I love dogwood! And I love April. Every year I pretty much forget what it is like to live in a green world. And don’t laugh, but I love the rain. You count days of sunshine; we count days of rain. And this year it is slowly replenishing the dried out earth.

10 years ago

I think the biggest thing I like about April is/are the little buds on everything, and then the beautiful blooming tulips. They’re around for such a short time if you blink you miss them. I – LOVE – YOUR – PUPPY!! Penny is such a cute name ~ and I wonder if the UFO part of her is from her mom or her dad’s side. 😉 Have fun – and buy lots of Spot Shot carpet cleaner.

10 years ago

I thought you meant my sister…the tenth thing I like about April? – that she’s married to Josh!!!:)

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