Turkey courtship

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Observations After Watching Turkey Courtship in my Backyard

  1. The males are kind of cute when they show off. Cute in a bombastic sort of way.
  2. The females are either
    1. Extremely smart, or
    2. Extremely dumb.

While Mr. Tom was strutting his stuff in front of them, the chicks were rapt, motionless. (I know they are technically hens, but I call them chicks. I’m sure that’s how he was thinking of them.) When he edged around behind them to make his move, they began demurely pecking at the grass and trailing off.

I see two possible schools of thought. Either

“Whew! He’s gone.”


“Don’t look too interested, Ethel…”

They can’t be of average intelligence. They have to be incredibly blond or incredibly brilliant. Go chicks.

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10 years ago

You crack me up. I live in the suburbs so seeing a wild turkey is right on par with seeing a sweet bluebird or a white tailed deer for me. It’s so infrequent so when I see one I’m thrilled to pieces. My dream is to live at least near the country enough to get those kinds of animals in my yard. Enjoy!

10 years ago

🙂 🙂 I identify with the “chicks”. They’re walking a tight rope these days. I am happy (and it’s so restful) to have my feet well grounded in a long term relationship.

10 years ago

And I feel a natural affinity with Mr. Tom. He walks a tight rope as well, I say. Who knows but that one of those cute chicks is actually a decoy set up by yours truly, designed to lure him to his untimely demise and the cooking pot? And Shari, considering your complaints about the unattached men not making a move, you are very unsympathetic when they do. The toms strut because the chicks dig it.

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