On worship

We Christians have always been good at line-drawing, and we are usually the ones who do it best. Or, if we dislike our upbringing, the ones who do it worst. The Catholics are too iconic, the Anglicans too liturgical, the black churches too emotive, the Quakers too quiet, the Methodists too formal, the Pentecostals too hyper, the Mennonites too traditional. Private worship is too individualistic, and public is too contrived or too showy. In the end, is there any good way to worship? that’s unlike what we are comfortable with?

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I feared Him cruel He holds out the spoon and I taste Unexpected, unwarranted, unnecessary hope And He pulls away an empty spoon A smooth and swift dissolving on the tongue is all I feel in vain for the solid thing Healing for a friend, joy in the morning, babies given and not taken away  

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