Sunday morning playlist

Confession: I’ve found that I enjoy songs by seasons. When I was walking through miscarriage six years ago, I found I was listening to angry songs, and they helped me process and survive. When we gave up foster children, I had a grieving soundtrack. These days, I’m mixing songs of brokenness with songs of faith.

My current playlist covers widely diverse styles, from Mennonite choral to Christian contemporary to Russian youth to black gospel. For one reason or another, each song connects with me and keeps me going.

(When my friend Anita wrote about her playlist, it got me thinking of sharing about mine.)

One thing that has opened my heart to various kinds of worship is the joy of experiencing it in person with other believers, who do it different ways.

You don’t have to like the songs. And I’m not fond of the hoopla of a few live performance videos. But many other music videos on the list add something truly beautiful to the pieces.

You can listen to a YouTube playlist of these songs here. And following are my descriptions.

Lions (Skillet)

This is a song I found through dear friends from another church. I love the strength it pictures of being in Christ. And the harmonies just make me happy.

Graves into Gardens (Dream Media)

I don’t love how this one goes on and on, and I usually skip forward eventually, but it met me when I was broken. God is the only one who can turn “bones into armies, seas into highways, shame into glory.”

Lay Me Low (Laudate Mennonite Ensemble)

My prayer. “Where the Lord can own me…” I love how other songs on this list talk about fighting hard and taking a stand, and this piece talks about laying it down and humbling the heart. Each is true, and a piece of what I long for.

Confidence (Sanctus)

Like David who faced a giant, like Moses who clung to hope in the wilderness, we have the resources and person of God to empower us when we face the things that are too big for us.

Fear is a Liar (Zach Williams)

I like the video. And the lyrics here are so very powerful. “Cast your fear in the fire.”

Truth be Told (Matthew West)

This song is the one I already told you about. It has become a theme for this year, bringing me back again and again to what I believe in and care about. Are we “fine, fine, fine” or broken? What is church supposed to look like?

Praise You in This Storm (Casting Crowns)

Here’s a reminder that Jesus is present, even when he doesn’t step in to rescue us at the moment we want him to.

Dem Bones (Delta Rhythm Boys)

Pure joy. I love the old-fashioned voices and jazz. Dem dry bones gonna walk around.

Flawless (MercyMe)

The truth of this song is one that could be taken wrongly – that we are now perfected and above reproach. But beneath misunderstandings, there is the bedrock certainty that Jesus declares his people righteous.

The Unmaking (Nichole Nordeman)

When all I have worked so hard to build crumbles about me, then what? Who was I building it for, anyway?

We Are Not Alone (Oasis Chorale)

Gorgeous voices, glorious truth. God is WITH US!

Ceasefire (For King & Country)

How will fighting each other for the things we believe gain us anything? We only win when we see our own fallibility, and lay down our swords.

Prayer for Strength (Oasis Chorale)

Longing for the presence and heart of the Father.

Glorious (For King & Country)

The miraculous inbreaking of Jesus into our world… “He is the chorus of every song that we were born to sing.”

O God Forgive Us (For King & Country)

Forgive us for the division and doubt that have divided us into camps, disregarding each other while saying we’re turning our hearts to God.

Beloved (Jordan Feliz)

Are we doing enough to be loved? Are we measuring up? Or is there a reality that goes beyond that? Jordan Feliz is a singer I heard in person, and since then I’ve been interested in his stuff – especially his lyrical depth and heart toward God.

I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe)

This famous song takes me in my imagination to the moment of finally standing before Jesus in the flesh. What will I feel, and do?

Light of a Clear Blue Morning (Laudate Mennonite Ensemble)

It’s been a dark night, but we can see the breaking of dawn…

God be With You Till We Meet Again (Simon Khoroloskiy)

This Russian performer is worth noting. He sings most of his songs in his own tongue, and quite a few of them with his many sisters. Brilliant vocals, and excellent ideas for expression. I love his music videos, interpreting the meanings and allowing you to see the singers.

Never Too Far Gone (Jordan Feliz)

We can “never outrun” his love, no matter what we’ve done.

Satisfied (Jordan Feliz)

Turning from the many distractions and siren calls, here is the song of a heart focused on Jesus.

I Will Rise (Alex Boye)

Alex Boye is a crazy guy, mixing African instruments and styles with choral pieces. I love this one so much. The music video makes me choke up. We can say “all is well” because of the overcoming power of Jesus.

When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (Simon Khorolskiy)

Another fun music video with Simon and sisters, sung in Russian. Their layered voices are just lovely.

Jesus, Strong and Kind (CityAlight)

I love what CityAlight is doing, crafting songs for ordinary churches and simple singers. This one tops the chart for some of my favorite song lyrics of all time.

Come to Jesus (Chris Rice)

No matter what your life’s situation is, from stumbling to tears to joy to laughter, come!

What worship song means something special to you right now? I’d love to add it to my list.

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Heather N
3 years ago

The lyrics of a song are what I hear first. (Often I wish I could tone down the instruments ????) A favorite of mine for a few years now is *When Faith Runs Deep* by Lyndsay Taylor. And *Miracle Or Not* by Alisa Turner hits me down deep, especially after watching a short documentary about her struggle with Lyme. I Could Sing About Heaven (A Few Good Men), Life Is Beautiful (The Afters), All My Ways Are Known To You (City Alight), A Mother Like You (JJ Heller)… these are some of my favorite laundry/cleaning songs. Thanks for sharing your list! ????

3 years ago

We Love Simon Khoroloskiy!! My son has been inspired to start learning Russian ????
The Living Stones Quartet also sings a lot of songs in native language, they are Asian. They are our bedtime songs before I switch to ‘bedtime relaxing music.’
But Simon is Not bedtime. Everyone comes out of their rooms because they like his videos. Then I must begin again ????

3 years ago

It’s great to see quite a few of my favorites listed here. “Lions” and “Confidence” are both on my “Warfare” Spotify list…..
Thanks for the Simon Khoroloskiy recommendation. This was a new one for me.

“Another in the Fire” is a good one. Shane and Shane do a good rendition of it.

“Faithful Now” by Vertical Worship

3 years ago

I was just listening to City Alight’s “Jesus, Strong and Kind” this morning! Love love the lyrics!! I had not heard the song before last weekend at our ladies retreat! Another favorite is “The Goodness of Jesus”, also by City Alight.
Thank you for sharing your list, I’ll check out the other songs!????????

Mom Coblentz
3 years ago

Just listened to the whole playlist.

Bold prayer
Heart healing worship


My favorite takeaways:
The unmaking ????????
The cross makes me flawless
Come to Jesus!

3 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

This post inspired me to create my own playlist! Will there really be a “Morning”? (Conspirare) and Living Hope (Laudate Mennonite Ensemble) are two of my songs.

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing. My favorite of the moment is “I Will Meet You There” by Praise and Harmony.
I’ve yet to hear a CityAlight song that I didn’t like. “Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me” speaks to me.

3 years ago

A melancholic Grammy-winning song from the 1960s written by a nun, “Joy is Like the Rain.” Also her “Zacchaeus”, a fun one for kids.

3 years ago

The Lord is My Salvation-Keith and Kristyn Getty
In the Rifted Rock I am Resting – Antrim Mennonite Choir
Our Great God- Fernando Ortega
Sing to Jesus- Fernando Ortega
Psalm 24( The King of Glory) – Keith and Kristyn Getty
Abide in Me- Antrim Mennonite Choir
Trouble of This World- Mahalia Jackson

3 years ago

One of my favorites is “He giveth more grace” sung by Don Moen. Since you mentioned it, I’ve really enjoyed “Truth be told”. Thank you.

3 years ago

Yesterday’s favorite ???? Come Down, Lord in Lyle Stutzman’s arrangement

3 years ago

I enjoy a lot of these songs. My absolute favorite rendition of Truth be told, is my 4 year old foster grandson on the time out chair, when that song comes on he started singing along. It brings tears to my eyes every time, ‘I’m fine, yeah I’m fine, yeah I’m fine, but I’m NOT, I’m broken!’ Oh that he may realize the truth of the song in his life in the years to come!

3 years ago
Reply to  Shari Zook

Shane and Shane, Is He Worthy.

Shaunda Stoltzfus
3 years ago

Someday, hopefully soon, I would love to listen to your playlist.
I have never created a playlist for myself. I should try it sometime, hopefully soon.

3 years ago

Ancient of Days (City Alight), Time (John Lucas) & Till These Tears Are Gone (Young Oceans)

2 years ago

BTW, I just finished your book.
Your writing style is absolutely beautiful! (Not to mention the content)

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