I feared Him cruel

He holds out the spoon and I taste

Unexpected, unwarranted, unnecessary hope

And He pulls away an empty spoon

A smooth and swift dissolving on the tongue is all

I feel in vain for the solid thing

Healing for a friend, joy in the morning, babies given and not taken away


But I see

Hope is necessary to life

Soft spoon food for a child

Unrelated to beefsteak coming later

Hope is a thing itself, and nourishes

And stops the slow starvation

Eat up, little one

Disappointment is the breath between the swallows

There is more


Healing for a friend, joy in the morning, babies given and not taken away

I feel in vain for the solid thing

A smooth and swift dissolving is enough

My worship is the lips opened once again

To expect, to savor, to call His food necessary

He holds out the spoon and I taste

And find Him good

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8 years ago

Beautiful, Shari. Thank you.

8 years ago

Love it. Food for thought in a beautiful, thought-provoking form.

8 years ago

These words from the depths of your soul are full of pain, beauty, love and hope because of the ONE who has come and made his home in you!

8 years ago

This is beautiful Shari… and full of the journey of pain and wanting to trust. My favorite lines are: “hope is a thing itself… and nourishes”– my testimony in my journey. (A favorite verse right now is from Hosea “God maketh the valley of Achor into a door of hope”) “Hope” seemed like my word last year, and continues into 2015.

The other favorite line is “my worship is the lips opened once again” and reminds me of the huge faith of George Mueller who claimed the promise of God in Psalm 81:10 “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it”.

Blessings as you continue in this hope. I love you!

8 years ago

“I find Him good.”

Lovely. What a testimony.

8 years ago

This is heart-wrenching and beautiful. And I love this.

8 years ago

His words of healing, into your soul and mine too. Thank you. He is Comfort.

Mama Zook
8 years ago

Summit View Church Choir led us in a beautiful evening of worship last evening at Shilo, Two sections of their presentation were “courage for today” and “hope for tomorrow” and I’m thinking I really need the hope for today also! Ministered to my soul, and then your words this am reminded me that we are all on a journey and I pray yours will be filled with hope and the realization of the goodness of God. I love you, dear daughter!! (BTW, thanks for the fuzzy footies!! You know they will be worn)

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