Concerning love


To anyone who is worried about whether or not the psycho writer of this blog can be trusted, rest assured. She cannot. However, only in a single five minute period of frivolity has she ever deliberately posed here as someone she is not, say between the hours of 11:17 and 11:22 on a dark Wednesday […]

September 12, 2013

Bisy. Backson.

Out and about

Where does the title come from? Click here. ***** Confession: When people tell me that the universe is infinite, I don’t know what to say. So I hold my tongue. But it never seemed realistic to me than anything created could be spatially infinite. There are “ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” […]

July 26, 2013


Out and about

Today, I offer a buffet of a few things I’ve been reading and viewing recreationally these last weeks. Enjoy! ***** Why Women Should Embrace a Good Enough Life, by Elsa Walsh Enamored of the feminist movement as a young woman, Ms. Walsh discusses how it looks to her now, at age 55. Source: The Washington […]

May 23, 2013

Enchanting trivia (or not…)

Life around home

Confession: Some days the trivial is infuriating, and some days it brings the most satisfaction. Or humor. Or sheer joy. *** Did you know that it is possible for a woman to trim three heads of hair and 80 nails in approximately one hour? *** My little magnolia tree—the five-inch infant that got hit with […]

May 31, 2012

Mud pies and appliques

Creations, Something from nothing

Confession: I love to lose myself in projects. And my happiest ones make me feel like a child patting mud pies, not going anywhere in particular, dreaming of an idea that keeps morphing, savoring the delightful sense of having all the time in the world to do this, just for fun. (…introducing holy escape #2…) My […]

April 27, 2012

Making X’s, paying $0’s


Confession: I am probably the only one in this progressively benighted age who still plays with counted cross-stitch. I haven’t done it for years and felt pleasantly like a 12-year-old again, but I was trying for rich and varied textures on a baby patchwork blanket I’m making to donate. More on that project when I’m […]

April 19, 2012

Learning to choose

Out and about

Confession: I used to shop at Wal-Mart. When I was a teenager I actually liked it. Last year in the worst of my struggle with depression, I had lots of shopping-related lows, and Wal-Mart seemed worst of all to me… a forced immersion into pop values, consumerism, and futility. Of course I had heard rumblings […]

April 4, 2012

Learning to celebrate


Confession: I don’t know how to celebrate Easter. I want to make it a special holiday for my children, but I don’t know how. I want to make it more than a chocolate bunny, more than an early service at church, which both are fine, but heretofore the extent of our festivities. Isn’t heretofore a marvelous […]

March 27, 2012

Learning to listen

Walking with Jesus

Confession: I don’t read enough Scripture. I could say I’m a busy mom, what do I expect? but it wasn’t easier before the kids. I find I have to overcome not just a physical hurdle (getting to a quiet corner), but a mental one. There are always a thousand objections to doing what I ought. […]

March 26, 2012