Today, I offer a buffet of a few things I’ve been reading and viewing recreationally these last weeks. Enjoy!


Why Women Should Embrace a Good Enough Life, by Elsa Walsh

Enamored of the feminist movement as a young woman, Ms. Walsh discusses how it looks to her now, at age 55. Source: The Washington Post.


12 Scientifically Proven Steps to Happiness (and)

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy

Dorcas Smucker linked to the first article, from The Purpose Fairy, which led me to the second. Interesting.


My First Legos

If you’re ever looking for a gift for a little person, check these out. Lego sells a simple line of “My First” sets–for $10-$15. Some are Duplo, so be careful unless you want that.


Mommy Dating

Warning: This one is slightly uncouth. It’s also strike-home-totally-hilarious-absolutely-true-too-good-to-keep-to-myself. If you’re a mom of toddlers, you’ll get it. Anyone else, read at your own risk. If you object I don’t want to hear it. Shared with me by a fourth base friend.

For women.


Dallas Willard interview

Shared by my parents and brother. Mr. Willard talks about joy, three months before his death earlier this month.


As always, I welcome your thoughts on any tangent.

What have you been reading and pondering lately? If you include a link, your comment will be “pending moderation.” Feel free to do so.

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10 years ago

Anna Karinina–Tolstoy
Simply Jesus–N.T. Wright
The Poisonwood Bible–Barbara Kingsolver
These have given me lots to think about. The novels amuse me at places because they describe people I know. 😉

10 years ago

Love Does, by Bob Goff. Funny and inspirational.
Watership Down, by Richard Adams. Amazing characterization. Bigwig especially reminds me of someone I know, but I still haven’t figured out who!
An Episode of Sparrows; by Rumer Godden.
The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishigaro. Haunting.
Mercy Triumphs, a study of the book of James by Beth Moore. Maybe her best ever.
Rufus M. by Eleanor Estes. Introduced this one to my daughters the other day. They loved it!

10 years ago

My summer (so far) has been full of reading, but most of the reading has been books about trains and trucks and diggers. In fact, my little charge is standing at my side right now with a couple of books… 🙂

When I get a chance to sit down and read…I’ve been working through

Desires in Conlict by Joe Dallas
The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
The House I Left Behind: A Journey from Islam to Christ by Daniel Shayestah

10 years ago

A House United, by Francis Frangipane
What the Dog Saw, by Malcom Gladwell (I read Tipping Point and Outliers too.)
Be Different, by John Elder Robison (I just read Look Me in the Eye by the same author.)
Blessing Your Spirit by Arthur Burke and Sylvia Gunter (very nourishing for the spirit. I don’t like gushy books, but somehow I like this one. It speaks to me.)
…and I just finished another favorite, The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. Delicious every time.

Thanks for the good ideas! I’m always glad for new titles to look up for those days I feel like I don’t have anything to read (which happens pretty often).

10 years ago

Some Wildflower in My Heart – Jamie Langston Turner – (novel that relates to the subject of suffering in a unique way.)
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands – Paul David Tripp – (inspiring me to reach out to hurting people.)
Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell – (changed the way I look at success.)
Teach Them Diligently – Lou Priolo – (practical advice on using the Scripture in child training.)

Love to hear what others are reading.

10 years ago

Joey’s Story–sorry don’t remember author and don’t own the book
Kisses from Katie–Katie Davis with Beth Clark

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