OtherSpeak: Cabin Fever

I keep thinking I will close OtherSpeak, but I keep getting good submissions. Today’s post is shared by Bethany Engbretson. She lives “in Grangeville, Idaho with my husband Joel, and our two children Dustyn and Kate, who keep our world entertained.”

You know you have cabin fever when…

  • You plan your phone calls for the next day before bedtime.
  • You lose track of how much coffee has been consumed and all you feel is dizzy and slightly delirious.
  • Your 4-year-old waxes witty and you can’t stop laughing, and soon you don’t know if you’re actually laughing or maniacally cackling out of insanity.
  • You find your kids intolerably distracting you from deep discussions with yourself.
  • For the life of you, you can’t remember what day (or month) it is.
  • You plan out with great deliberation and glee your next trip to the grocery store, dress to the nines, bubble cheerfully to the cashier, and buy a paper.
  • Podcasts become your new best friend.
  • You swing violently between having real, meaningful conversations with your husband, to being unable to let him finish his sentences.
  • You walk around the house muttering expletives at that nincompoop who wronged you ten-something years back.
  • You find yourself obsessively checking your phone every five minutes for what? You don’t know.
  • You weep with relief at the sound of your phone ringing.
  • You place an order on the phone (one of the anticipated calls) and fall in love with the cute (he must be) sales executive’s accent and chat it up with him.


– By Bethany Engbretson

How has cabin fever affected your life?

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Sheila G.
4 years ago

So the last bit had me laughing out loud at the memory that surfaced. One morning at about 6:30 my phone rang and I answered it hastily without checking the i.D. An unfamiliar male voice asked for a female with a name other than my own. I informed him he had a wrong number and headed off to comb my hair. Seconds later, a text blipped in-“you got a pretty voice. You married?”

4 years ago

Oh I can definitely relate to not knowing what day of the week it is. Cabin fever been affected me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I seem to be placing more orders with GVS lately so I can listen to the beautiful on hold singing.

When I do go out for errands, I look at the various masks that people are wearing and come to the conclusion homemade masks are prettier.

I watch way too many how to make masks and song parodies on YouTube. I’m almost tempted to do one myself. ( I said almost!????)

My books to read pile keeps getting bigger and bigger and I suspect t the pandemic will be over or Jesus will return before I finish reading them.

I want us to hurry up and finish the Bob Ross puzzle so we can start another.

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