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I found the world’s longest baby carrot.

I know it looks like I’m holding two pieces together, but I’m not. Strictly unedited. Quite impressive.

I found families for four darling puppies.

Puppies have been a most welcome addition to this time of isolation. They are always changing, friendly, darling, cuddly, new. We are sorry to let them go. But also so happy – three households will soon be receiving a ton of joy.

I sewed a row of face masks.

I am wearing one when I go out these days (which is not often), in obedience to my husband, but I do not have to like it. I adjust it in the mirror and look myself in the eyes and say, You are being a responsible citizen. But I don’t feel like a responsible citizen, protecting others. I feel like a Pharisee. Save me from this germy world, oh Lord, and put a hedge about me to protect your holy servant from breathing in contamination. It is against everything I believe in, and I am struggling to find a place in this awful world we all landed in by mistake a few weeks ago.

I gave my first foster-child-haircut.

With permission, yeah. Covid times call for desperate measures.

Because –

We welcomed two new kiddos into our home, two and a half weeks ago.

You can call us crazy, if you want, and not in a good way. We have our moments of absolute certainty to that effect, may the Lord save us. But he knocked.

Our community has been incredibly loving and supportive, despite social distancing. But I’ll be honest with you. For many different reasons, this is the hardest placement we’ve taken, and I am exhausted.

We are doing our usual things: making peanut butter sandwiches by the dozen, managing multiple car seats and boosters, fielding phone calls, advocating, learning on a steep curve, making impressive saves that no one will ever see, kissing boo-boos, making sure there is enough, crying when no one sees, combing baby curls, hating our enemies more heartily than we would have believed possible, praying for undeserved forgiveness and grace.

Say a prayer for us.

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Judith Showalter
3 years ago

I think of you often, Shari!!! I will pray for you more and in more specific ways!! Would love to chat with you again but I’ll just say this, “I think things are going better here…….not without struggles but….!
I pray He will give you extra blessings and a lot of peace in knowing you did what He asked you to do.
With Hugs and Love~

Emma Gingerich
3 years ago


Just ME
3 years ago

God bless all trauma Mamas. ???? Been there.

Ever listen to Dr Karyn Purvis on YouTube? I just watched her introduction to TBRI. It’s just amazing. Her methods aren’t new to me, I just hadn’t heard some of her stories on that one.

3 years ago

I’m in the middle of reading Bruce Perry’s The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, and his stories of traumatized children are both chilling and full of hope. I’ll pray for you and your family and the children you’re loving on.

Maybe it will help you feel like less of a Pharisee if you take my husband’s (microbiology degree) view: the masks don’t protect you from viruses as much as they protect others from your own germs. So yay! You can still get COVID-19 while wearing one!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jenn

Yes, think about it more like I have the virus and I’m protecting others rather than I’m protecting myself from others! I had a fun conversation in the store aisle yesterday with a lady who noticed my fabric was like hers;) spending most of my adult life in Asia, wearing a mask feels sort of normal.

3 years ago

Love. Hugs. Prayers. And a virtual box of chocolates.

3 years ago


3 years ago

You look so cute with your homemade mask and the snowflakes in your hair.

3 years ago

About masks “It is against everything I believe in, and I am struggling to find a place in this awful world we all landed in by mistake a few weeks ago”. – yes!! this! me too! It feels like giving in to the fear and distrust.

Judy Roth`
3 years ago

You have the perkiest eyes above that mask.

Liz Martin
3 years ago

One thing masks do for us: we need to look people in the eyes instead of just gliding our gaze past them. Maybe there will be better connections in our communities because of it. But I do detest how my glasses steam shut when I’m bustling along!
Blessings on your family with ‘elbows’ – as my friend calls it.

Ruth Wiebe
3 years ago

You are cute! Truly! And your writing is a bright spot in this strange normal we are trying to adjust to.

3 years ago

Ha…the picture of you and Aarick makes me laugh because I took Nicholas with me to Aldi just yesterday to help with a grocery haul. He tried on a number of masks before we left, but chose to wear a disposable one rather than a pretty fabric one. 🙂 🙂 We ended up spending more energy on adjusting our masks than on shopping.

You handle hard times more gracefully than you realize!!! All my love and prayers and casseroles are being sent your way. (oops. sorry about the scarcity of the casseroles)

3 years ago

Many prayers!!! God give you grace, wisdom and strength in abundance!!! As for the masks, I personally just that’s something I can do to help and to be respectful to the government. Many prayers as you are going through so much!!! My empathize with masks and children.

3 years ago

You are a good mom–way better than you feel you are.

3 years ago

Much grace to you, dear Shari

Regina S
3 years ago

Many blessings to you Shari. A couple of days ago we got this mailer that has coupons, sale papers from markets etc. Usually they’re inside another paper with ads from the local stores in town. But this time the paper had pictures from the Arizona Department of Child Safety of older children waiting to be adopted. They had some details of what each child liked. There were several sibling groups. And there was even one young girl who wanted to be adopted by a Christian family who went to church. Oh what a way to tug on one’s heart strings???? I told my husband Tim, let’s take them all. We’ll find room!
I agree with “The Boss” that you look very pretty with your masks and snowflakes in your hair. I don’t like wearing a mask either so I make masks with pretty fabric. My favorite is one I made with teapots all over that matches my apron. Fully unintentional. I just happen to have some extra fabric left over from when I made an apron.

Trina Brubacher
3 years ago

Oh bless you as you adjust with your new children. I know a bit how that is…. God give you the grace you need. I am also wondering if you give out your email address? I was thinking I have seen it in the comments but couldn’t find it….. I would love to email you about something but I know you don’t know me so I would understand if you don’t. Thanks!

3 years ago

Sure, I’ll message you. 🙂

wilbur Graybill
3 years ago

All you dear foster mothers! Pray for my adopted African american nieces who became orphans the end of April. Again they are in new homes. We are so thankful for the dear families who are loving them for and with us.This comes after your post Regina.

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