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S & G again

Confession: Whatever you think about Simon & Garfunkel, you have to admit the genius. They spun words into dark and silver threads. I have squandered my resistance For a pocketful of mumble: such are promises All lies and jests ‘Til a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest… …All my words

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Dropping eaves

Confession: Last night I deliberately eavesdropped on the public conversation of two gentlemen. Disclaimer 1: I rarely eavesdrop. Disclaimer 2: And I never eavesdrop on private conversations. It’s against my code of conduct. If I notice you engaged in one, I will hum as I walk by, to block sound waves from reaching me and

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Home again

Confession: I’m tired. And lazy. These days I would cheerfully sell all I have and give to the poor, whether or not I gained treasure in heaven. All I ask of life is lots of sleep and a leisurely cup of coffee when I awake. But what a lovely week I had! Highlights: Seeing Jean

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