Five surefire ways to become an instant celebrity

…or, Life Lessons from My Week

1. Make *decaf* coffee for an evening ladies’ event.

I tried this Tuesday night, and gained an immediate crowd of grateful followers.

2. Drive a group of 2nd-grade girls on a field trip.

Today Aarick’s class went to the Erie Zoo. I offered to go along, and was assigned five 7-and-8-year-olds. What a delightful group of chickabids… polite, giggly, articulate, childish enough to be largely simple and honest, but woman enough to have some very interesting and catty group dynamics going on. They had the girl thing down—chic sunglasses, purses, piercing glares at misbehaving friends… but they’re too little to be truly snobby. They thought I was the bomb, which is flattering and funny.

being ‘animals on their way to a zoo in Japan’

Make sure to ask and answer some silly riddles en route. Dig paper out of your purse so they can play tic-tac-toe. And shoot lots of pictures. Second grade girls are drama queens.

3. Take your children to visit an old people’s home.

Here at your doorstep is an incomparable opportunity for opening your eyes to your own blessings. Old people LOVE children. Ryan dragged me to Juniper Village one evening this week. I was grouchy and didn’t want to go, to my shame. We sang a little and prayed a little, but the dazzling highlight for the old folks was simply enjoying our children, the kisses and handshakes and holding and asking of the kids’ ages (over and over). We are blessed.

4. Bake fresh cinnamon rolls to share.

This is on my to-do list for tomorrow. I fully expect my husband to renew his marriage vows on the spot, and my children to fervently (stickily) swear undying devotion.

5. Handwrite[1] a letter[2] to an old friend[3].

Today I was on the receiving end of this sweet gift. There’s nothing like it, knowing that this paper (so like her, wrapped in the familiar handwriting no one else can produce) came from her desk, her hand, her mailbox; and the words came straight from her heart.

If there is a confession with this post, it’s that too often my love has a hook in it. (Also that I’m about to throw the computer across the room b/c of the agonizing labor of mixing pictures, text, and numbered lists in a blog post.)

Too often my love has a hook in it. I am so blessed by the unselfish love others lavish on me.

How have you loved and been loved this week?


[1] To write with the hand, preferably with the help of a pen.

(Pen: [noun] a hand tool filled with ink and genius. Nearly obsolete.)

[2] A piece of paper covered with wondrous words to someone you love.

[3] The only person for whom you would ever make such a sacrifice of time and energy and 45 cents.

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11 years ago

I’d like your sticky bun recipe if it indeed produces such amazing results. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for making the celebrity status look fun and within reach.

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