What’s in a name?

Do you ever play with church names in your mind? There are so many out there. I like the ones that start with “Church of…” They make my imagination run wild.

Church of the Cross

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Covenant

Church of the Open Door

Church of the Living Hope

Church of the Warm Heart

What if we named our churches by our flaws and foibles instead of by our faith and virtue? Wouldn’t it be hysterical?

Church of the Last Minute

Church of the Stiff and Silent

Church of the Harried Mothers

Church of the Cold Shoulder

Church of the Disillusioned with Fellowship Meals

(With much love to my own congregation, who do not represent these titles in any way… 🙂 )

The truth is, I can laugh at us because I believe in us. Any congregation of Jesus is, in fact,

Church of the Precious

Church of the Blood-Bought

Church of Those who will Reign with Him

Church of the Purposes of Jesus

Church of Messed-Up People Being Transformed into Radiant Illustrations of God’s Goodness

What church names come to your mind?

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Joanna Schlabach
10 years ago

I am feeling I could join the church of The Harried Mothers tonight…

10 years ago

This made me laugh.

10 years ago

How about “Church Run by Little Old Ladies Who Appear Meek?” (that doesn’t represent our church either so I felt free to write it 🙂 ) Our church in Grenada could have been called “Church of Hearty Singers”.

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