Planning ahead. Ish.

For those who haven’t yet purchased a planner for 2013…

…if that applies to any of you…

…or for those who, schizophrenic style, would like to upgrade to a better one…

Check this one out! I was introduced to The Time Keeper through my new friend Gina’s blog. I ordered a copy of my own, and can’t wait to start using it.

It’s streamlined, attractive, and eminently practical. It provides lots of space for brainstorming—to do lists, notes, monthly tasks, and shopping lists. (There are enough blank shopping lists to use one each week of the year, believe it or not! and each of them neatly perforated for easy tear-out.)

Designed by Starla Kreider, a Mennonite mom of four, it’s inspirational, simple, and easy to use.

Order it here if you’re interested. Your order will ship within two business days, and arrive in record time.

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11 years ago

Did you know CLR sells them? (Groan, right?) I love mine!

Shari Zook
11 years ago
Reply to  Marie

I had no idea! Yay! Hey all you locals, no shipping…

11 years ago

my current resolve is this:
I will not buy another planner until I learn how to utilize the one I own.

However, this one has caught my eye several times in the past year. You should do a give a way advertising this planner on your blog and then make sure that I win it. 🙂 🙂

11 years ago

I used this one this year and loved it! I have my 2013 one here waiting… 🙂

11 years ago

I have a whole ton of friends that use this one. I bought mine already, and I’m all geared up for January– so excited to write some things on the fresh new pages. Hopefully, my ideals of planning ahead won’t turn out like so many New-Year’s resolutions. ;-(

11 years ago

This is great. I’ve been struggling the last couple years with using my Outlook calendar. It’s great to invite people, get alerted before events put reoccurring events on and so many other great features. But it’s not the same, I’ve been missing the personalization of a handwritten one. All I wanted to do was open up a calendar and see all my events at the same time. I know you can do that within Outlook but once again not the same. Richie laughs at this struggle of mine but hey I’m a woman and I like the personalization of a handwritten planner, notes, lists and so on. So thank you for encouragement I have now purchased this and I’m super excited to use it. What great ideas!!

11 years ago

I already have mine. A very simple one but I only paid a dollar at TARGET 🙂 This one looks great though. 🙂

11 years ago

Hah! Thanks to Marie’s advertising expertise I already got one from CLR. 🙂

Joanna Yoder
11 years ago

Don’t worry, Shari, you’re not the only “local” who paid S&H when she could have just purchased it at CLR. 😉 Next year, I’ll know better! 2012 was the first year that I used a household planner (“Daily Planner” from CLP) and I just LOVE how it has helped me to begin getting a grip on our household activities & schedule.

11 years ago

Ahhh. I had the 2012 and did not feel inspired by the cover. So I chose heavy scrapbook paper and carefully covered the cover. Much better. This year’s… meh. I need it to jump out and get me and make me smile every time I see it or it will end up like Shaunda’s… In fact, today I covered my 2013 in Black Pearl and am deciding what to put on the front of it. If I ever get around to blogging my before and after I will try to let you know.

11 years ago

To keep my “household” running straight, I use a combination of Google Calendar, NudgeMail, Remember the Milk, and a running day’s list in a text file. I still forget things. As you well know.

11 years ago

Chuckling at your title because it shows your Minnesota roots. Quote from Urban Dictionary:
” ish
A shortened form of the old Norwegain expression “ish da”. Used to express disgust as in “ick”. Popular in Minnesota.”

I recall being accused of cussing when I used that useful word around non-Minnesotans.

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