Two pictures that make me incredibly happy

Recently I came across two pictures on social media that filled me with joy.

They are wildly different: the first, pristine and elegant, mysterious, imaginative; the second, grainy and smudgy and hopelessly outdated. Look at this.


Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian artist who likes playing with optical illusion and duplicate realities. Here is more of his work, but I find the painting above simply unbeatable. I could enjoy it for hours. And I think I probably have…


TheΒ second picture is from my childhood, posted for Throwback Thursday by an old friend. It makes me super happy, partly because our dresses are so hideous and partly because we’re all so glad. I’m the squirt on the left. My brother is behind me, and I believe my cousin (who’s having a birthday party) is showing off the food in his mouth. Three family friends, all sisters, are with us.

I had an amazing childhood.

When I look at this picture I just think, “Alright. I wore knits and I survived. My kids are going to be okay too.”


What brought you joy today?

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9 years ago

A morning shared with ladies in my home. Happy chaos from 6 kids playing. Walks in the sunshine… One by myself, and another with my family. Scrapbooking darling photos of my son.

9 years ago

Your comment, “I wore knits and I survived” brings me great joy. For real. πŸ™‚

9 years ago

Extra points for DOUBLE knits and a lay-down collar. πŸ˜‰

I spent the day at a friends house with my children. This evening I went grocery shopping with another friend while my husband tucked the kids into bed. All of these things–true friends, lovely children, a caring husband–bring me joy.

9 years ago

Things that brought me joy today–A trip to the library with my children, the sun, the breeze, and the warm air. And shipping off some packages! πŸ˜‰ (I love both pictures . . .thanks for sharing!)

9 years ago

Lol at the second pic! We must come from the same era….right down to the ” lovely” wallpaper!

9 years ago

So I really laughed at your knits line πŸ™‚ Today, the sunshine and snapping some photos made me happy!

9 years ago

Oh those knits!! Back in the day, they were “the” thing. Now i wouldn’t wear it on a bet! πŸ˜€ Yes, we survived, my girls survived and we look back and cringe and laugh. And my hubby makes me incredibly happy! <3

9 years ago

I think maybe that first picture has something to do with Narnia…

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