Tips for surviving winter

Confession: For the first month or two of winter, I revel in the coziness, the hot drinks, the layers of hoodies and afghans. And then at some point (December 26th, maybe) I switch strategies, and begin ignoring the weather out of existence… because I simply can’t hang in there that long without becoming claustrophobic.

Here’s what I do. {Which is why I’m so healthy and happy and never, ever whine about winter. As I’m sure you’ve noticed. And if you haven’t, that’s why I’m pointing it out. Never. Ever.}

  • Look for color.


  • Grow something.

greens 1

  • Be with people. Especially little people.


  • Drink tea.

Homemade tea from a friend? Even better.



  • Buy tropical scents and flavors whenever possible.

air freshener

  • Eat a different salad every day for lunch.

salad 1

Mixed greens, deli turkey, tomatoes, avocado, pecans and feta.

salad 2

Romaine, tomatoes, green peppers, shredded carrots, Parmesan, hummus and crackers.

salad 3

Greens, taco meat and beans, peppers, olives, cheddar, salsa.

salad 4

Lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, apples, oranges, craisins, hazelnuts.

I never want to forget what a rich girl I am, to eat so much freshness that’s not in season. If I don’t have a lot of variety on hand, I just cut the veggies differently–skinny strips one day and big square chunks the next. Isn’t that silly?

And finally, if other mood boosters take too much energy and work, I do just one:

  • Light an {Everything Is Going to be Alright} candle.

candle 2

It’s just a plain candle in the middle of my kitchen workspace, but it’s a special one, in a special place and time; and when it burns out I always find another to replace it. It’s a prayer, a confession, a mustard seed of faith. When I light it, I choose to believe in what’s true: Everything Is Going to be Alright.


Come over for salad?

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9 years ago

The salad ideas are just what I need!

mom coblentz
9 years ago

mmmmmm MMMMMMM

Mama Zook
9 years ago

you may serve any or all of the above salads while we’re there! Great way to bring the freshness of summer right into your kitchen…and I love the mustard seed of faith to believe that everything will be alright, and a confession (for me) that I have doubted His faithfulness at all! Thank you for this post, Shari!

9 years ago

yes. Your salads inspire me. I guess I’m just too lazy to prepare something so nice and healthy just for myself for lunch. It would probably give me a good boost though.

And that tea…..if you still have some, I’ll be over soon for a cup!!! It looks WONDERFUL.

9 years ago
Reply to  Shaunda

Well, it helps that Kelly likes salad as much as I do, so it’s a nice lunch for us both.

I’m saving some tea for you… 🙂

9 years ago

I’m with Shaunda that it takes a bit much effort to prepare such a lovely salad just for myself. Your lovely pictures of salads are pretty and inspiring tho. I’m going to go right now and set out a chunk of frozen salmon so it’s thawed by lunch so I can have that over my salad today. {I always forget to set it out and end up eating blah leftovers for lunch instead of what I really want} Good post!

Diane H
9 years ago

Winter…. our son has taught me (us) so much about liking something about every season. I would say he helped me learn that winter is ok. Granted I am no longer doing the bundling up when it’s time to go outdoors. Our children are old enough to do that on their own.

Snow is something we have come to love, always wishing and hoping for one more snowstorm. It has been so bitter cold being out and enjoying the snow (which is something our family does) has not been so attractive, but one warmer day, everyone went out. The snowmen choir (13 of them) might be proof in our yard!! It has brightened many people’s day… people stop to take pictures, even tho the snowmen have been singing in our yard a couple of weeks already!

Joy Weaver
9 years ago

Your food looks so attractive…such a good idea to make good nourishing food, instead of sweets! I just want to eat donuts!

There are things I like about winter…feeding birds, putting puzzles together, hubby and I putting on “jammies” about 7 in eve and playing table games (we are “empty nesters” at this point.) Our daily morning walk up on the ridge with our dogs. Such beauty as the sun has just come up and the trees glisten with ice…I am amazed at the beauty of creation…and realizing it reveals our Great God!

You are such a good writer! Keep your posts coming!

Diane H
9 years ago

a suggestion… go to the Pennsylvania Game Commission website and watch the eagle cam… So fascinating, and educational. A very nice distraction/diversion for young and old alike!

9 years ago

You’re making me hungry.

Joy Weaver
9 years ago

Hey, ladies…spring IS just around the corner! I just saw a ROBIN! 🙂

9 years ago

Thank you Shari, even hearing about someone else dealing with winter blues helps so much! Your salads look delicious.

9 years ago

It was worth reading here just for the salad inspiration. I’ve been making myself buy lettuces. It seems silly but I had so much in my garden – for basically free – that it seems so silly to purchase lettuce. But with the amount of snow we have on the ground, it will be a long time until I’m picking my own lettuce. Looking forward to salad for lunch tomorrow.

9 years ago

Yes! I’ll come over for salad. Since there’s a little travel time involved, do you mind if I spend a day . . . or two?

9 years ago

Thanks for the great salad ideas! Just what I needed….

9 years ago

ok Shari, someday I’m going to just invite myself over- wait, you just invited me. I’d love to sit down with you over a salad or tea and get to know you better, pick your brain on ‘certain subjects’ (I’ll leave you hanging on that one…) and hopefully leave some encouragement and inspiration in your life as you have in mine.

9 years ago
Reply to  cor

Well, now that makes me excited. I never find out you’re in the area until it’s too late to do much about it. I’ve loved the times we got to interact, so come on over. Plus now you have me curious about the ‘certain subjects.’ Hehee.

9 years ago

Hang in there. My Mississippi students brought me a daffodil bouquet this week.
Spring is inching up the continent in your direction!

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