The key to communication found MIA

So last night I had a dream in which Ryan was talking to a group of men about the challenges of communicating with women. He was acting out the roles, the way he can be toodling along in a conversation and then suddenly blind-sided by a sharp question from his wife. POW! Ryan staggered around acting out how this feels and all the men started choking up, getting tears in their eyes.

I mean whaddya say? It’s one of those questions where every answer gets your head cut off.

Oh yeah man, that cuts deep.

Someone in the audience tried to read aloud a passage from a helpful book (I think it was this board book that belongs to my son, brightly colored and with googly eyes on the cover)

children's book

but he couldn’t talk past the lump in his throat and passed it to a friend, who hemmed and hawed trying to get himself under control so he could share its profound wisdom with the class.

Sadly, the dream ended before anyone read the enlightening words that would have made sense of it all and offered a way forward.


I guess you will have to write them yourself… What say?

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Lucinda J
9 years ago


9 years ago

this is rich; I have laughed so hard!

9 years ago

Dreams – you never know, do you. This one of yours leaves me speechless too — not from any deep emotion, but from amazement and laughter!

9 years ago

This comment is for the men only and I don’t know if it will help or not as I just picked this idea up from another guy last weekend and haven’t had a chance to try it myself. He says whenever his wife asks him something and he’s not responding and she’s wondering if he’s “home”, he says, “You can’t bother me now, I’m in screensaver mode.”

9 years ago

The first clue that it’s a woman dreaming is all the emotion and tears. If it had been real life they would have all been choking with laughter at Ryan’s acting. But when that second guy finally gets a hold of himself he will read, “When her eyes go from googly to narrow slits and she picks up a bat, it’s time to distract her with a compliment and quickly find urgent business to attend to in a far corner of the property.”

9 years ago
Reply to  Lynnelle

Ooh! That’s some good advice. 🙂

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