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Literature / Friday, November 21st, 2014

Well, you guys sure made enough fuss about “only one book!” Did I say “only one book”? I did not. I suppose “favorite” does tend to sound rather exclusive… except to those of us who love best whatever we are savoring at the moment…


Well done!

I am pleased to find that you powered through your frustration enough to leave a comment anyway… and pleased to find that you love good books! Well, I won’t deceive you: there were a few weird ones in there, but by and large—great choices, girls, great choices. I am toying with the idea of compiling a printable list of your suggestions. It looks like a lot of work for me, but maybe if you say Please.

Meanwhile, I had a little book hunt of my own.

On Tuesday last, I failed (again) to show up at my boys’ school (this may or may not have happened before) and help out for fifteen minutes like I’d promised (“this is because I was an airhead on Tuesday and I’m still an airhead now”).*

I might never have thought of my missed appointment again, except that my son got in the van and said “Mom, why didn’t you come?!”


I emailed his teacher: Is there anything I could do for you to make up for my oversight yesterday?

She said: Oh, let’s see, what would I like? How about you let me borrow one of your favorite novels to read this winter?

Now that’s a teacher who talks my language. Plus she offered free forgiveness, books or no books.


I gathered a basketful for her to pick from, since I don’t know what she likes and what she’s read. These are not “my favorite books in the world” but they were on my shelf and I love them.

Thanks for your suggestions, everybody. That was fun!
Giveaway results coming next Wednesday.


(*Quoting Ree Drummond. She cracks me up.)

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12 Replies to “My turn: Book suggestions”

    1. Oh yes! I told you then but I didn’t think you believed me: Any organizational/ navigational skills I have are a desperate attempt to get a handle on my naturally forgetful and scatterbrained self. True story. And yes, you were taken in. Shaunda has too high an opinion of me. 🙂

  1. Holes!! A delightful read. I love to read that one to my students every couple years.

    Didn’t get in on the other book suggestions, but how about the Mysterious Benedict Society?

    Or how about The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread by Kate DeCamillio. I’m reading that one to my students again right now.

      1. Have you read Mercy Watson? Also by Kate DeCamillio. Didn’t know a pig who loves buttered toast could have such wonderful adventures.

  2. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?? I was seriously going to go down the comments with a pen in hand, writing titles. A printable list would be lovely and efficient.

  3. I just pinned on my Pinterest board: “Books on my wish list” this post and the last. I go there when I need to spend a few more dollars worth on an Amazon or CBD order for free shipping, or when ordering books into the library. Books lists from you are my favorite way to go for myself or my kiddos. I confess to reading a few books lately that I picked at random… felt like a waste of my time. 🙁

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