Handmade notes of Thanksgiving

Confession: Sometimes I am tired of confessing my idiocies.

If you’re tired of hearing of them, don’t worry—you’re not nearly as tired as I am of committing them. I told Alison this week that “any organizational/ navigational skills I have are a desperate attempt to get a handle on my naturally forgetful and scatterbrained self. True story.”

I planned and planned and over-planned this week. I planned for the ultra-special lunch exchange at my boys’ school; I planned the dishes I’ll bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house; I planned the brunch I’m hosting on Saturday; I planned ahead for Christmas. I bought supplies. I made lists. I stocked my fridge and checked my ingredients and made food ahead of time and got on top of everything…

And then this morning.

Ryan woke me in good time and I, exhausted from a late night and then a wakeful session with my crying foster son, fell back to sleep. At 7:37 a.m., I re-woke and staggered out of bed, and as I entered the bathroom this thought came to me, jangling: “What about chapel with the junior high girls, hmm?”

Oh NO!!

Ten bright-faced girls were counting on me to show up. I needed to leave at 8:20, 8:25 at latest. I needed to pack two lunches, prepare my own body and heart, dress and comb and feed two preschoolers, and – oh, newsflash: I had utterly forgotten to brainstorm, research, and concoct the Thanksgiving Craft I promised those girls this morning. I had no idea what we were making.

I panicked.

I spent the whole time I was washing, dressing, and combing groaning to God to help me. I thought and thought. Thanksgiving turkeys? No supplies on hand. Pumpkin praise? I did that with them last year—and I don’t have enough pumpkins. Something with fabric? But what?

As I stepped out of the bathroom, I had another thought… (I need to check that doorway; maybe God is sending me brainwaves and reminders as I pass through…?)

Just this.

card 1

Paper? Check. Sewing machine? Always ready. Scissors and glue? Available at the school.

Oh thank you God thank you thank you.

I still could never have made it without my husband’s generous help through our children’s morning routine. And my hair looked {still looks} like something a pig sat on. And, mercifully, I entirely forgot that I’d done a similar craft with these girls before. And my foster son messed his diaper halfway through our session and I had to put him in the hallway so we could breathe for those last minutes.

But I showed up. And I got to coach them on the sewing machine and oh, we had fun. Some of these pictures include their work.

Here’s how:

1. Fold a paper into a basic card shape.

{This card is made from 12×12 sheet cut in half. Tri-fold to form a pretty flap.}

trifold card

2. Cut or tear a rectangle of colored paper for the face of the card.

3. Machine-sew the colored paper to the white.

{Brown thread looks pretty too.}

card 4

4. Add cut-out shapes to suit the season… leaves, pumpkins, candles.

{Use small stencils or cookie cutters for easy templates, or just have fun freelancing.}

card 3

5. Write a word or two on the card’s cover.

card 2

6. Add a message inside and share with someone who’s blessed you.

card inside

Let your children join you in Thanksgiving. They’re not too little to snip and glue, nor too young to express gratitude. You can handle the sewing machine, or farm it off to your teenage daughter, or skip it entirely.

It’s the season to give thanks. Start with God, and then those He’s placed near you—and if He has preserved your sanity and given you ideas when you don’t deserve them and helped you through harried mornings, say it again. Oh, thank you, thank you…

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9 years ago

Wow! What a way for God to come through! The cards are beautiful! (And you got the extra sleep you needed)

9 years ago

I would really like to see your hair.

The cards are beautiful. You’re so creative.

9 years ago
Reply to  Shaunda

[Very primly:] “I have religious convictions about sharing pictures that draw attention to my hair.”


Four days later, this finally presents itself to me as an escape line. So sorry to disappoint. You should all be thankful I spared you.

9 years ago

What Shaunda said about the hair …wicked grin…

I love the cards! And I know the feeling of God miraculously redeeming my blonde moments! 🙂

9 years ago

{Tears} Thank you, God, for taking care of Shari. You’re amazing.

9 years ago

I too would like to see the hair ; ) I was sitting at the orthodontist reading this while my daughter got her braces on, and I almost laughed out loud 🙂 The cards are lovely!

9 years ago

My heart skipped a beat over that time crunch! God in you is beautiful!

9 years ago

I’ve had a few God moments like this myself. Somehow they usually involve a parking meter. I’m a little astounded the way the good father takes care of his silly little children. So glad he came through for you again because those cards are beautiful and I will be making some Shari knock-off stuff once again!

9 years ago

I love the way God is so gracious to us! Thanks for sharing your story and idea!

8 years ago

What Shaunda said. 🙂

I think I would have been panicking rather than groaning to God. Truly, the latter is a better skill to learn.

6 years ago

You description in bold of yourself at the beginning is me. Ahh!!!

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