A real life riddle

Life around home / Wednesday, June 15th, 2016


We sat on the couch in the late winter, 7:45 am, the boys just out the door for school.

Kelly was still sleeping upstairs. One twin sat on my husband’s lap, and the other hung out on the floor nearby. Ryan savored his coffee. I savored the precious moments of quiet, with Baby snuggled against me.

Suddenly we heard piano keys being played in the office, tink-tink-tinga-ding. We looked at each other. What in the world?! With every family member accounted for, who was in there playing? It sounded for all the world like Kelly goofing off, but she would have had to pass through the living room to get in there—and the playing went on. Tinga-tink-tink-ting.

Ryan went to look. I waited, trying not to breathe so I could hear.

What do you think he saw?

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6 years ago

A mouse. 🙂

Joanna Yoder
6 years ago

A cat?

(And, do you REALLY expect me to go to sleep now?!)

6 years ago

My vote is for a tiny fur ball of a kitten

6 years ago

Let’s see, dont your boys have a small furry pet mouse or hamster?

6 years ago

Surely an angel for such a time as this!

6 years ago

a sleep walker???? ha ha, I do that sometimes- just not the piano