Summer motto


It’s more aspirational than strictly true about any of us at the moment, but the children and I say it aloud together on Monday mornings when we have our powwow to discuss plans for the week.

I am a responsible, joyful person who shares ownership of this home.

I am in charge of my own body and I clean up after myself.

I can be calm in disappointment, happy in work or play, and kind to everyone I meet.

Let’s just say we trust it’s formative.

My ten-year-old son was pleased to learn that I wrote it, and he is harder to impress than he used to be.

These are the things we work on. What would you write in your motto?

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8 years ago

I like your motto. Simple but essential.

For our family, I would add something about using sweet words. Dear me, I wish my kids weren’t so creative with choosing unkind words!

8 years ago

The last phrase seems most needed here. I love this idea and am inspired to write one for my household. What a good way to remind us of what we strive for and what is true.

8 years ago

What motto do we need here? Something like:

“I will show my respect for others by coming when called, doing when asked, and listening with interest to the things you want to say”

We would also be in great need of the Calm In Disappointment one; I can already hear child C chanting it…in a panicked voice.

Lucinda J
8 years ago

Wow what a great pep talk for the beginning of a week. Dare I say it? You must be the (almost) perfect Mom. 🙂

8 years ago

Very good Shari

8 years ago

I love this Shari. It’s short, yet captures so much of life!!!

I tend to get paralyzed by thinking of all the areas in which we need tremendous growth around here.

The one phrase that I’ve been repeating to myself the last few weeks is: “May I be a lover of Jesus today rather than a lover of myself.”

8 years ago

Thank you Shari.

LaDonna Nice
7 years ago

I love this and may borrow it!

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