The culprit

Life around home / Thursday, June 16th, 2016

We have no house pets at all.

But you guys are too good at guessing. I was all set for the Ghost of Christmas Past, or an angel, as Sharon suggested!


One of our harum-scarum sons was apparently in too much of a hurry to meet the school bus, and left the laundry room door flapping open for the wind and the snow andβ€”the cat.

Scared me good.

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Joanna Yoder
6 years ago

The ONE time that I’m the first to answer the riddle correctly, and there’s no prize!
Did you change the cat’s name to Mozart?

6 years ago

I love it! I was the lucky one to read “the riddle”, start wondering about it, and realize “the culprit” was already posted. Glad I didn’t have to worry and wonder all night! πŸ™‚

6 years ago

Lol!! Some irrepressible humor for a winter day:)

6 years ago

I am so confused… snow……I thought this was June.