Pretzel rod houses

Celebrations, Food / Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Do you know


how fun and easy it is


to build a cabin Lincoln-log style


out of pretzel rods


cemented with daubs of frosting?


This is what happens when your son insists on a three-dimensional structure fire cake for his ninth birthday.

top view

It would be fun to use in other ways as well—a woodsy/ hunting scene with a plastic deer in the front, and pine trees made of inverted waffle cones with frosting stars…

Or a twist on Christmas gingerbread houses…

What else?


Cut rods to desired lengths. Allow house to dry before adding a roof of graham crackers or other material on top.

7 Replies to “Pretzel rod houses”

  1. what a great idea! loved the candles inside the house to make it actually burn. My almost 3 year old has been begging for a fire truck cake for the last half year. This looks so much easier than doing an actual fire truck cake. Thanks for the idea

  2. Love it. I’m going to store this one away in my files for future use. We probably wouldn’t do the structural fire thing, but I think it would be a fun twist of a Christmas gingerbread house.

  3. Considering your recent posts, it would make a good log cabin wedding cake topper for the outdoor minded couple.

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