OtherSpeak: an idea

Featured in the header: the beginning of a killer essay by a certain eight-year-old I loved. Unfortunately, it bogged down in the second sentence, the possibilities too unlimited.

Recently, I’ve been considering adding a temporary facet to this blog: a forum called OtherSpeak in which any reader can submit a document for potential publication on Confessions.

I would reserve the right to accept or reject submissions without explanation, although I will probably not be able to prevent myself from explaining, as is my wont. And apologizing too, most likely.

My goals for this exercise would be numerous. I am giving my time to many things these days, and though I love posting regularly, I would welcome help with it for this season. Also, I like hearing from other people about their experiences. I am interested primarily in the kind of community sharing that is enlightening, fascinating, or informative. Potential topics would be:

What It’s Like Being Single in Church Life

How to Bless a Widow

Joy in the Classroom: what I love

Why I Appreciate (or not) Mixed Friendships

A Glimpse into Infertility

Ways to Serve Jesus as an Empty Nester

The Most Fascinating Aspect of My Job

What I Want to Be: older women I admire at my church

Looking Back: what a grandma has to say to a newlywed

Someone Who Knew Shari as a Kid Finally Speaks Up

Do you know what I’m talking about? That’s why I’d call it OtherSpeak: perspectives I can’t offer.

Here are the parameters I have in mind:

  • A firm limit of 500 words or less (can be as few as 200)
  • Minimal to no editing
  • No compensation other than the joy of seeing your work here (Sorry.) (See, the apologizing begins.)
  • However, you retain all rights to your work for future sharing where you will
  • Preferably published under your own name, though I would consider requests for anonymity on, shall we say, a case-by-case basis
  • No more than one guest contribution per week, likely less, don’t quote me on this

I don’t want anything too heavy-hitting, but I’m up for considering most topics. What would you like to say to a group of conservative Christian women?

This post is my tentative feeler. What thoughts do you have regarding my suggestion, both as a reader and as a writer?

What would you like or dislike about the temporary change to the blog?
What would nudge you to contribute – or scare you away from it?
Would you do it?

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Faith Hursh
4 years ago

I hope I am still subscribed…I accidentally hit inscribe In error. I enjoy your writing gs.

Crystal Zook
4 years ago

I love your blog… And I’d love to hear on the topic of walking beside the broken in our conservative setting… Or strengthening the hands that hang down could be another way of saying it?!?

4 years ago

I like the idea!

4 years ago

I think that sounds like a great idea! I would love to submit some thing.

Louella Martin
4 years ago

You already know what I think of this idea!

Sharla Miller
4 years ago

I would contribute. I like your style, but if you don’t have time to write, why not hear from other people? Writing untangles the knots of thoughts in my soul at times. And I’ve been experiencing and thinking about what it’s like to land in a new community/church as a single, so the first topic grabbed me.

4 years ago

I’m not a writer but I’d love to see some writings on those topics you mentioned! I love good reading so if you’re busy then I’d enjoy hearing from guest writers.

4 years ago

I’m not a big fan of the idea, as I would rather read what the primary writer of this blog has to say.

Danette Martin
4 years ago
Reply to  The Boss

As a reader, I like a guest post to be a rare occurrence, because I go to the blog to get the blog owner’s unique perspective and expression. As a writer, I like your idea, and I probably would contribute, with plans to publish it on my own blog later. (That sounds selfish, but you gave me the idea.)

4 years ago
Reply to  Danette Martin

I concur. ☺️

4 years ago

I like your idea, but the only topics I could contribute on would be along the lines of….. “How to annoy your sister when she’s having quiet time” or “The questions playing tag in my head”

4 years ago

Sounds like a good plan to me. You have suggested some interesting topics. I don’t have plans to write about any of them, but I would be happy to read the submissions. Your parameters sound reasonable and helpful. LRM

Regina S
4 years ago

I like the idea and would love to contribute but I don’t know if I have anything worthwhile say.

Sarah Beiler
4 years ago

I would love to write an article, but confess I might be a little grouchy about reading others’ articles because I so much love to hear from you.

Rachel S
4 years ago

This blog is valuable because of your unique perspective on life. We get the others’ perspectives in the “comments section. =)

4 years ago

I agree with The Boss, and knowing others and myself feel that way could keep me from wanting to contribute. Maybe. However, I enjoy (some) 😉 other people’s writing too, and I’m pretty sure if you chose to publish it I would enjoy it. Just don’t disappear, please.❤

4 years ago

I would love to hear about how a single can plug in well into her community or something along that line… but I’m not sure what I think about guest writers….

Sarah Sauder
4 years ago

What others have said. I read YOUR blog for YOUR perspective and others’ blogs for THEIR perspectives. However, if it was not too frequent, it could be a really good thing to have guest posts, and give some would-be writers who may or may not have their own blog a forum to try their skill.
Also, I liked how frequently you have posted in the past. However, I don’t think you need to feel bad about posting less frequently or once a month if this is what your circumstances/feelings/health etc. would indicate.

4 years ago

One suggestion I would have is that you accept pitches on a particular subject and then you get to select one or two of the articles on the given topic to publish on your blog. {OCCASIONALLY}

(ask me more about this when we’re having our long-anticipated-uninterrupted talk over dessert and coffee here sometime in the next 2 years)

a faithful reader
4 years ago

I enjoy reading your blog for your take on life..So many times after I’m done reading, I’m thinking Yes! And then how did she do it again?? How could she put into words what I am thinking, or would think if I stopped to give a take on a situation?? I love your ability to take the pieces of life and observation and put it together in a cohesive article, full of wit, and charm, and Biblical truth. That being said, I am a reader, so others articles sprinkled in would not bother me. (Even if you would be missed) I know life can get full and busy, and even good, fun things can seem like to much or get squeezed out. The list of articles looks fantastic, and regardless of what you decide, I hope they would be addressed. 🙂 If you decide to include others, I might, maybe, even submit an article. The editing process always scared me so this would be perfect. Although having my name published on so public a platform would probably be enough to scare me off. Particularly if the articles were personal in nature. I’m not as brave as you are!

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