On socks and scruples

So. We have an ethical dilemma at our house.


Husband likes gray socks. Not black or white. Gray.

Very well, says Wife. I will buy you some at Family Dollar.

But Family Dollar does not carry gray socks. Family Dollar carries black or white.

Hmm, says Wife. Would you be okay with black or white, Husband?

Husband is kind. Husband is brave. But Husband really likes gray socks.

Very well, says Wife. I will buy you some at Peebles.

But Peebles does not carry gray socks. Peebles carries wool or silk, dress or play, polka dot or plain, black or white.

Hmm, says Wife.

You know, says Husband, Wal-Mart carries gray socks.

Hmm, says Wife.

Wife has not been to Wal-Mart for months. Wife watched a documentary that made her cry.

Hmm, says Wife.

Wife could hunt at other stores, but Wife totes two or three children and cannot hunt extensively.

Hmm, says Wife.

Says Wife, hmm.

Husband lives without new socks for several more weeks. Husband is patient. Wife watches holes grow larger.

Would you like to go to Wal-Mart and buy your own socks, Husband? says Wife.

Husband is not much of a shopper. Husband lives without new socks for several more weeks. Socks are reduced to more holes than substance. Wife watches.

Confession: Wife would rather stick to her principles than meet her husband’s needs.

Wife is ashamed when she sees this.

Wife is poised on the brink of obedience, feels the tipping in.

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11 years ago

Husband reads post. lol. LOL. LOLLOL’d. Hilarious. !!!

Mom Coblentz
11 years ago

Oh dear. The dilemmas of everyday life. I think I can feel your pain. It WAS written in a humorous way, tho, pardon me for laughing!

11 years ago

Easy solution: Ryan should just order them online. πŸ™‚ thanks for making me laugh on this dreary Monday afternoon!

Lydia (Thrifty, Frugal Mom)
11 years ago

Or wife could order them online. πŸ™‚ And Amazon carries gray socks- at least they did a couple of months ago. And then you don’t even have to tote the children out.

11 years ago

Kohls on-line with a discount coupon would be my answer. hmmm… (does Dunhams have gray socks? – If you want me too I will call them if it means saving your beautiful marriage!)

John Mark
11 years ago

Multiple readers agree: wife should order socks online.

11 years ago

Purse lover wants to replace purse. Purse lover knows exactly what kind she wants. Purse lover hears you can get them at Wal-Mart.
And Purse lover also says “Hmmm” and contemplates her dilemma cause Purse lover has also seen documentary and now hates Wal-Mart.
So Purse lover hunts at Target and Sears and T.J. Maxx and who knows where else but she can’t find it.
Then she sheepishly checks with conscience again but conscience is saying, “No!” so she settles for a lovely white one at K-Mart. Not first choice but guess what? She finds it’s way cheaper than she ever expected.
So…I say “Yay” for avoiding Wal-Mart. Ryan will hate me… πŸ™
Disclaimer: Though I am ethically opposed to many things at Wal-Mart, I am hesitant to say I will never buy anything there anymore. Not sure I like that crack in the door but not sure I’m ethically at the place to completely slam it shut. πŸ™‚

Cathy M
11 years ago

Did you check Big Lots? I’m almost thinking I saw gray ones there, but I may be wrong. They had a bin of them close to the school supplies. They are short ankle socks.

11 years ago

This is too funny and cute. πŸ™‚
TJ MAXX has great socks, so next time you are in Erie check it out. You pay slightly more for them, but they wear so much longer.
This wife was tired of always buying socks, so it was worth it for her. πŸ™‚
But alas, I don’t know if they have gray ones there?

11 years ago

There is sometimes another side to WalMart. I once worked at WalMart. After long days of teaching many short and wonderful people, I would head out to my job that helped me pay the bills. I was a cashier and a good one if I may say so. I never felt my job was in jeopardy for times of last minute school obligations. Never did I feel I would be shot at sunrise if I had to change my hours after schedule was out. They were beyond exceptional in accommodating teachers (I was not alone, though no one else from my school was there) and the schedules and moneys available to help continue ones education were far greater than any other job I’ve ever held.

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