Michigan moments

Each year, Ryan and I brainstorm places we’d like to take our family in the summer. When we started thinking about 2019, I said “Um. What do you think about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? There are two dear friends I’d love to see – maybe we could turn it into a camping trip.”

And we did. We should have done it long ago.

I offer it here in five segments.

I. Family

No one I’d rather be with in the world,

except to add in the one who is missing. His absence hurt.

I love these people.

II. Destinations

Northern Michigan took me by surprise, when it changed from

the north-Ohio look of flat fields and skies to

pine and poplar, dirt roads, junctions, lakes.

I could see and hear and taste my childhood in Minnesota, and found myself at home

on the long, straight roads heading north.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse
Soo Locks
Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse
Old Indian Cemetery
Mackinac Bridge
Fort Michilimackinac
Teepee at Fort M

III. Food

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wish I had.

I entirely missed the fish and chips

as well as the gourmet breakfast cooked by the Loewens.

Mostly, I ate it

and reached for more.

Becca’s homemade pizza
Latte art at an adorable little coffee place
Tostada fixings
Tea at the Fort, and a good old read. No, that is not a spider in my cup, it is {wait for it} a tea leaf. I almost stole the pamphlet by mistake. What a bummer I discovered my error in time.

IV. Friends

No one can replace the friend who has lasted since teen years or before.

I met two,

some of the finest women on the planet.

Greatest of joys, to reconnect on couches or over coffee

to find we have changed less than we thought

and to watch our daughters forge friendships of their own.

Shari Zook & Cristina Loewen

Shari Zook & Becca Slabaugh

V. Artistry

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4 years ago

Lake Michigan!!???? There’s no place on earth I’d rather vacation… Unless it’s Lake Superior. I can never decide. Lake Michigan is warmer, friendlier, more approachable. Superior is rugged, mysterious… aloof, maybe. But so much loveliness in both.
“…the one who is missing. His absence hurt.” Life mixes pain and beauty in unbearable portions sometimes. Hugs!

4 years ago

I’ve been as far north in Michigan as Mackinac Island. Such a beautiful area! Northern Michigan reminds me so much of NW Ontario.

4 years ago
Reply to  mloublogger

Mloublogger, my reaction to the UP was exactly like yours.
Fun post, Shari!

Sarah Beiler
4 years ago

Lovely! I’m glad you got to do this. I too dream of going North every single summer. For me, it’s Lake Mattawamkeag in Maine and the farmlands of southern Ontario that call my name.

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