Two-week review

Sometimes my life spins more quickly than I can follow. Here are some snapshots from the past two weeks.

  • We spent a precious weekend with our second son on his home visit. He said that when I took him back to camp, he wanted to show me Eagle’s Point, so we packed a lunch and left early and got to eat on a lookout. He found the trail for me, and he ate a black ant just to pick on me. (He declares they taste like lemons and crunch like potato chips.) We laughed really hard. I love that boy.

  • We took a day trip to Kennywood. Our fostering agency gives our whole family free tickets, bless them. We splash, we play, we get dizzy, we eat a packed lunch.

  • I baked a pie, a crisp, a cobbler, and six cakes.
  • I cut my finger quite nicely on a butcher knife I was scrubbing, when my hand slipped. Two stitches needed, and a splint for a week, as the injury chose the joint of my index finger. My mother always warned me about this. I guess I listened until I turned 36.

  • I listened to a ton of music, read some great books. Yes, I will talk about them when life stops spinning so fast.

  • We took a five day camping trip to Michigan. (More on that soon!)

  • I tended my little garden: harvested garlic, picked the first of the tomatoes and cucumbers and the last of the lettuce, ate raspberries, tried to discourage the summer squash, froze green beans.

  • I ran everybody to their appointments, filled prescriptions, met with school staff, bathed the dog, attended a picnic and one night of VBS, gave three haircuts, baked a pizza, picked up library books, invited my parents over for games.

  • We gathered the last of the blueberries – this year’s count is 22.5 gallons, with more we missed during our trip.

  • I drove our foster son to Pittsburgh for extensive dental work.
  • I laughed and cried a lot.
  • I shared a date with my oldest son. We’ve decided that during our two-hour foster visits once a week, he and his sister will take turns getting one-on-one time with me. He chose a coffee shop and two-handed Rook. I love this boy too. Having a teenager is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Usually.

K. That should get us up to speed.

Wait – I wanted to slow down.

More words soon, if I’m lucky.

What are a few highlights from your last two weeks?

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4 years ago

I wonder if you were destressing with all that baking. ????
Can’t wait to catch up!

Regina S
4 years ago

What fun you and your family had! Oh I just love blueberries! They are my fave fruit. Our highlights from the past two weeks:
Being blessed with free preschool snacks from my daughter’s preschool job because otherwise they would have tossed it. There was applesauce, several preschool serving sizes of sandwiches and burgers. I hate thinking that if my daughter’s wasn’t there it would go in the garbage.

We visited to Farmers market .One of our favorite summer activities. It always enjoy running into neighbors and friends from church.

I’m learning how to quilt. I had my first lesson a couple of days ago. Right now I’m working on the top and when I get together with my friend, Lord willing, we will work on the next layers and border. I’m so excited!

I learned how to make granny squares a couple of weeks ago so I will make a simple throw for the living sofa.

There’s a nice coffee house around the corner and up the road from us that is run by a local church and has the best cold coffee drinks but it’s been too hot to walk over to it. And there is a drive thru coffee place that is being built and it is even closer to us.

We visited a new to us market today called Fry”s that we discovered is part of Kroger/Ralph’s chain of markets so we were able to use our Ralph’s card. We really liked shopping there but it won’t replace Walmart. We love Wal-Mart’s prices.

So that’s those are our highlights of the past couple of weeks. It’s good catching up with you.

4 years ago

We went camping and had severe thunderstorms both nights and got “slightly” soaked. But thankfully dried out during the days.
We have been spending hours outside each evening doing yard work and trying to stand taller than the weeds. ????
Mostly, racing from one beautiful summer day to another and trying to squeeze every minute out of them.

Twila Beachy
4 years ago

I love reading your blogs! I can attest to the busyness of summer! Blueberries….mmmm! So glad you had a great time with your son and a great camping trip! Hugs & blessings!!! Twila Beachy ????

4 years ago

And then you wonder why you feel like you’ve been run over by a train at the end of the day. 🙂

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