Why line-dry laundry?

blue jeans

  1. Because it saves energy. This is the usual reason, though I give it only a cursory nod.
  2. Because sunlight on your face first thing in the morning is always a cause for joy.
  3. Because if you didn’t scrub a stain adequately and find it persisted through washing, you have another chance at it next week. Unlike commercial dryers, line drying does not set stains.
  4. Because all folding is postponed indefinitely… always a perk…
  5. …and finally happens out of doors. All possible housework should be done out of doors.
  6. Because folding is actually easier—all the laundry smooth and crisp, practically folding itself into the basket.
  7. Because the scent of the fresh garments is heavenly.
  8. Because if you could package up its crusty, sun-warmed texture, it’d be worth several thousand dollars. As food.
  9. Because this gives you a chance to train your dog what NO means. What is it about the blue jeans that she finds irresistible?
  10. Just because. Because we likes it, precious.

Why do you line-dry?

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10 years ago

I love your blog. I never know what I’ll find! Sometimes your words bring tears, sometimes (make that often) giggles, always thoughts to hold & turn over. Like pebbles. Today, I’m reminded of the utter bliss of slipping between cool, crisp, sun-and-wind-scented sheets, next to the sleeping strength of my favorite man… Maybe heaven smells like line-dried sheets?

Diane H
10 years ago

I love to hang out laundry, ONLY when it’s warm. You know how one makes statements, “when I have my own home, I won’t….” well hanging laundry out in the cold is one of those for me, and I have never done so either. I love the warm, sunny moments outdoors, listening to the birds…. folding later is always a plus… I do love my “amish clothes line” (pulley) it saves many steps, after years of using one, I know the do’s and don’ts as well. I am always glad for sunny days to hang out the family laundry!!

10 years ago

Agreed! Anxious to get our line up this year.

10 years ago

It’s my only option and i love the freshness of line dried clothes and sheets. sometimes i have the rain for an excuse to wait to do laundry. Running clothes through the ringer and hanging them on the line is one of those domestic duties that nourishes my feminine soul (most of the time).

10 years ago


The act, the smell, and the texture beat any winter anti-depressant. And here in our dry air, I can hang clothes at 4 p.m. and take them off at sunset. It is lovely.

10 years ago

Because as my neighbor put it, “It’s my therapy!”

10 years ago

Because it makes me happy seeing the clothes flapping in breeze. And as Wendy said, it’s therapy for me. Cheap too!

10 years ago

Because it’s something I love to do. Nothing like hanging out laundry on any day of the year, esp when you live in the dry climate of Colorado! Here you can hang out laundry at almost anytime of the day and bring it in dried in a hour or two. And it’s free.

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