Please welcome the two newest arrivals to the Zook homestead. Woo-hoo!

Our new bunny, Mr. Cinnamon–

…gift of Whitney, Guy, Chrissy, Jake, and especially Darien. Thank you, guys!



Little Sal, our week-old baby goat. We bought her for $25 from a local farm.

When Sal is full-grown and freshens, she should produce at least 2 or 3 quarts of milk per day. But for this year, we’re just playing. (Who would have guessed it would be so fun to bottle-feed her?)

She is curious, spunky, friendly, docile–all good things a goat should be. And she follows us around like a puppy. Here’s Regan zooming in for a close-up.

Regan says “Ew. I had snot in my nose.”

“It’s adorable,” I say.


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12 years ago

I’m not sure which is more funny…you’re conversation with Regan or the picture. But my goodness, I howled. This is so you, Shari…having a little funny farm of sorts. It brightens my day just to see you and the kids (both kinds :)) and the bunny of course. Your names are most fitting!

12 years ago

Aww. I love love love the goat, it brings back memories of when I was growing up. I loved to bottle feed them & it appears you do too. 🙂 I think Mr. Cinnamon is a great name of the bunny too. Have fun w/your new babies. (At least these sleep thru the night!)

12 years ago

You will enjoy them so much! The goat is so cute-

Mom Coblentz
12 years ago

Adorable, absolutely adorable…the boys, that is! Actually, the animals aren’t too bad, considering that they can’t help it that they are just critters. 🙂

Cousin Rachel
12 years ago

Hi Shari – Anna sent me the link for your blog, and today I started reading and couldn’t stop. You have an amazing way with words and stories. So thank you for using up the better part of my afternoon when I should be getting ready for our trip. 🙂 Hope to see you soon.

12 years ago

I was overjoyed to realize that your newbies do not include a huge ferocious dog!!!!! While I was enjoying your blue berry patch, the thought kept coming to my mind…’I’m so glad that isn’t a hot, stinky, panting dog running around here ruining this whole experience!’. I applaude your animal choice and am trying to brace myself for the appearance of the dog. 🙂

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