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Confession: I bought a lot of Bible storybooks for my children before we finally found a few we really loved. After much hunting, here are our three favorites.

You may click on a cover image to direct you to Amazon if you wish to shop or check prices. We bought ours there used, with great success.

[amazon_link id=”0842339175″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Growing Reader Phonics Bible[/amazon_link]

#3. The Growing Reader Phonics Bible

by Joy MacKenzie, illustrated by Jill Newton


  • The illustrations are cartoon-style
  • Don’t look to this one for strict accuracy—

“The snake laughed. ‘That’s silly!
It’s nice, and so yummy!
God wants you to taste it.
It’s good for your tummy.’”


  • A super way for very young readers to become familiar with Bible stories on their own
  • A different phonics sound showcased in every chapter
  • Follows the basic story lines faithfully
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Fun wording, sometimes rhyming

“He said, ‘Now I will add
Birds with bills and fish with gills
And ants that sip up sticky spills…’”

[amazon_link id=”B001TKH5SU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Egermeier's Bible Story Book[/amazon_link] #2. Egermeier’s Bible Story Book

by Elsie Egermeier, illustrated by Clive Uptton


  • May be too advanced for very young children
  • Slightly crowded layout


  • Very careful, thorough text with a respectful voice
  • Over 300 stories
  • More than 100 full-page, full-color illustrations
  • Q & A section for quizzing

And the one we truly love:

[amazon_link id=”0892213329″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Children's Illustrated Bible[/amazon_link]#1. The Children’s Illustrated Bible

by Selina Hastings, illustrated by Eric Thomas


  • A thoughtful, engaging style you can read right out of the book—no more editing to make it interesting or accurate!
  • Includes every major story in the Bible
  • Deals tactfully with sensitive issues—Lot’s daughters, sodomy, the witch of Endor
  • Packed with pictures, maps, diagrams and more
  • Margins full of side notes on real-life Israel: interesting trivia, photographs of corresponding modern-day places, pictures of artifacts, notes on authentic diet and clothing from the era

Right on the heels of our search for the perfect Bible storybook, this mommy was stunned when her children found another: the Bible itself.

[amazon_link id=”1585161519″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Holy Bible[/amazon_link]

Provided with the right version, a child can read straight from the Book, and love it!

We still don’t read as much Scripture as we ought.

How do you enjoy the Bible in your family?

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mama zook
11 years ago

I was excited when I read the post about Aarick reading the Bible, starting in Genesis!! Don’t know if you all use the Bible school materials from Kitchi Pines, originally produced by Herald Press, but we love it (there are a few places where wording is outdated and should be changed…in my opinion) Otherwise makes great Bible work books for children! I guess the reason I’m so hooked on this particular series is because I was raised on it! Great memories!

11 years ago

It’s scary how easy you can buy things on Amazon! But, I just followed your suggestions and bought the phonics Bible– I loved the preview of it online. Also, your number #1 pick is also our #1. Did you see that one at our house before you bought yours? I didn’t notice my name in the credits, so I assume you figured it out from some one else! He, he!

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