I love, love written words

The song and dance

Shield and lance

Written words are powerful

Spoken ones scare me


Spoken words creep out unknown

Pop out fast, can’t return

Spoken words are Shari when her





Spoken words are funny things

Come out quirky, trailing strings

or straggle into mishmash

Brace yourself before the crash

Spoken words are funny


Written words are careful things

Check before you drop the pebble




Spoken words, the ripples flow before you know you’ve let it go

And their impact?



Spoken words are risky


Standing here before these ladies

Three whole months of Sundays

Teaching days, talking days, learning to let go days


Here I am unguarded,

Shy and small of soul

So many layers

stripped away

since last I held this role


Written words I can control

Edit, copy, paste and mold

Patch them up and make them whole

Spoken words are broken


Great is His grace to me

Father love that never stops

Pruning me, kicking props

Catching me each time I fall

Strength-through-weakness is His goal

Spoken words will heal me

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11 years ago

Beautiful, Shari. I know exactly what you’re saying.

I admire your ability to craft words well.

I also care deeply about words. For me preaching has been a journey in surrender. To let those words go, each Sunday I speak, all 5,000 of them, marching off to do battle with dismay and doubt and the devil, and finding some of them went astray and wrought more dismay or doubt… this is not easy. And I repent and vow to do better. Until the next Sunday when another cascade of words pours forth.

I regret the points that I overlook them in my notes. I mourn the illustrations that come out as mishmash. I walk to my seat thinking, “I could have said that so much better if I could have written it.”

(And of course, I am editing this comment before I launch it into the blogosphere. Because words matter.)

The Holy Spirit is the best editor of spoken words. But as necessary with all editors, give yourself some time to get used to His work. Only those who dare to offer broken words will experience His gracious editing.

11 years ago

Love these beautiful words! Love you more and am so glad to be in your SS class (distracted though I may look).

Arlene Zook
11 years ago

This is brilliant and beautiful! Thank-you. I can identify…

11 years ago

Hi Shari,
From one writer to another (and another word lover)…this is powerful, true, and sobering. I love your rhythm!

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