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Life around home / Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Confession: Everything I know about life, I learned from my goat.

What? You thought from my sisters? That was last month, for heaven’s sake.

Lesson 1: Jump all over everyone you love. They’ll be speechless. With delight, of course!

Lesson 2: Adopt a mother who is not of your species. “When my billy and my nanny forsake me, then the Zooks will take me up.”

Lesson 3: Run from anything that’s four years old.

Lesson 4: If you’re hungry, tell the world about it. Good things come to those who bleat.

Lesson 5: When you’re walking with a loved one, by all means walk as close to him as possible. Dodging in, around, and partially beneath his feet is particularly endearing.

Lesson 6: If it doesn’t look edible, it probably is.

Lesson 7: Entanglements are meant to be enjoyed. Have at them. They create interesting puzzles for those who rescue you later.

Lesson 8: If a door is open, walk through it.

Lesson 9: Conversely, if a door is not open, walk through it too.

Lesson 10: If you have to use the bathroom, use it now.

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9 years ago

Oh, I absolutely LOVE it! Sounds like you have the perfect complimentary pet for Regan! 🙂

Mom Coblentz
9 years ago

I’m laughing out loud, and needing to share it with everyone else in the room. Goats are a one-of-a-kind pet. BUT that still doesn’t mean I want one. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  Mom Coblentz

Agreed, Barb! Shall we start a “I love the Zook’s Goat but It Stops There Club” ???

9 years ago

Your precious goat sounds like such a trip…I can’t wait to meet her!!! 🙂

Irene Bontrager
9 years ago

Reading your post brought the first laugh for today! We used to have goats when I was small. Brought back memories! Thanks for helping me remember long forgotten childhood memories of our goats. We eventually got so annoyed with our 2 goats that we sold them. They ate too much of the wrong stuff one day! Then mom had enough. That was the end of our goat story!

9 years ago

This made me laugh. Someday I have to tell you about my parent’s not-so-endearing sheep, Tillie. I am not so in-love with creatures of the four-legged kind…especially in the way of goats and sheep, thanks to her. But your goat does sound cute 🙂