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Food / Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Update: As of Sunday, June 7, 2015, this giveaway is closed.

Hello there!

The other day I got the darlingest package in the mail from Kansas.

coffee (1)

Inside was a bundle wrapped in stripey paper, tied up with string, and the smell that came out of it?

coffee (2)

Mmmmm, heaven—

Fresh coffee!

coffee (3).2

My friends Ryan and Rebecca Shetler started a coffee roasting business, and offered me a sample. I love a good cup. And though I’m not a coffee gourmet, my mom is—[grin]—so I invited her over. She said “[delighted shriek] Yes!! I LOVE their coffee!”

coffee (9)

We ground and brewed and sipped together, and I’m a believer. Sooo delicious!

(You know I try not to rave over things I can’t share, so hang on. Your part is coming soon.)

Ryan and Rebecca, also known as R&R Roasters (how cute is that?) buy ethically sourced beans, and carefully roast them to perfection in small batches. All the beans at R&R Roasters are organic, fair-trade, and roasted after you place your order because the Shetlers think freshness is what makes home roasting so wonderful. They ship within a day or two of roasting, so you get that perfectly optimum flavor.

Don’t even get these guys started talking about coffee experiences and tasting notes. This is good coffee.

coffee (8)

Plus it comes in adorable brown paper bags with tabs to seal in the freshness.

coffee (6)

And then of course you can make a latte with it, if you want…

coffee (4)

Ryan and Becca would like to give away one pound for free, to one of you. Stay in your seats, please. There will be no stampedes to the comment section. No people will be trampled in the giving of this bean.

But we mean it. And feel free to hang around and check out their website here, with coffee beans for sale by the pound here. They also offer subscriptions, for twice-monthly fresh deliveries to your door.

You can also find R&R on Facebook, and on Instagram.*

On their website they have a blog where they talk about coffee and life. Becca works as a barista, and loves to educate people about coffee and help develop their palates.

Since R&R Roasters is a new business (with years of personal experience in coffees), we’d like to spread the word. Please share the giveaway with someone—in person, by email, or on social media—then leave a comment to enter the drawing.


Shari Zook


Though I was given a free sample of coffee, I am not being paid to write this post and my opinions are my own.

*I’m not on Instagram so I can’t include their link. Search @randrroasters.

Giveaway ends in one week, Sunday, June 7, 2015. Open to any person with a US mailing address. Winner will be chosen by

Update: As of Sunday, June 7, 2015, this giveaway is closed.

79 Replies to “Giveaway: R&R Roasters”

  1. We’ve been surviving on Sharp Shopper coffee for months. The grinder is sitting neglected… Please, oh please! PS–we like the mug in your post!

  2. I can almost taste this stuff!! Shared with sister-in-law/brother to hubby who are planning to start a coffee shop in the Carolina’s soon!

    Would enjoy a cup with my chocolate chip cookie bar that I’m having for breakfast this am!! (That sounds like a plan!)

  3. Ooo, I’ve been wanting to try their coffee but haven’t gotten around to ordering any yet! I’m a little afraid once I try it, I’ll fall so deeply in love I won’t be satisfied with anything else…but I still want to try it anyway!! 🙂

  4. Mmm! I’d love to win! Rebecca and I are dear friends as well…although I call her Becky since we go back to the time when that was her nickname!

  5. You know, i’m so scared to try their coffee because I’m afraid I will be addicted to the sheer bliss of their coffee and will drink nothing else. But start me off with a free sample and I may be hooked!!

  6. Looks great!! I’ve been making my coffee with a little butter and coconut oil and honey and blending it! Boy! Is that ever good!! and its healthy too! 🙂

  7. This would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift for my coffee-loving husband. (Shared with my sister whose hubby also loves coffee.)

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