A chipmunk, a hand, and a clover

Life around home / Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Those of you who were talking last time¬†about basements, and pantries with doors, made me think of this meme. I couldn’t find the original online, so I recreated it as well as I could remember. I’m sorry I don’t know who to give credit to.

chipmunk - Copy

(picture source)

The longer you look at it the funnier it gets.

Thanks for your kind words, and your stories about mothering. I think of you, and pray God gives you strength for the days you face.

This week I did a little gratitude project. If I cheat and put the twins on one finger, all the members of my family fit on my hand. I sat and thought about what I enjoy about each person I live with. It didn’t take long to fill up every digit, and it did me good.

Then I hung it on my fridge, where my kids pored over it with great interest.


You know what they say: “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”

Yours too?

I found this tonight in the grass.


8 Replies to “A chipmunk, a hand, and a clover”

  1. I can’t say how very much I love this. Every part of it. I seriously need to do that “hand of gratitude” thing, asap.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure if that means a) The time of the month is making me emotional, b) The wacky schedule of this week has worn me slap out, c) You touched a cord in my heart, or d) All of the above?

    Maybe it just means that I’m a mom too.

  3. I love your hand of gratitude!!! Isn’t it true that when we take time to count our blessings, the rest of life falls into a different perspective? Blessings to you!!

  4. I love your handful of blessings! What a great way for your kids and man to feel seen and affirmed, too. I want to be like you when I get big!

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