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Giveaway closed at 10:00 pm last evening.

Sincerest thanks and warm regards to all who joined in. You blessed me. I’m afraid I mostly reminded those who were already planning to participate, so I’ll probably have to take a few lifeskills classes before commencing a career in advertising, but hey. It was rich as a maple-frosted donut.

Thanks so much for participating!


PS—Oh. The winner. It was ME!!! And mmmm… this Timmie’s coffee is good…

PS2—Just kidding.

PS3—But her name was Sherri, commenter #3. It’s the first giveaway she ever won, and she had so little faith in winning she didn’t even leave her name, which strikes me as hilarious. Congratulations, Sherri! Have fun sending letters and sipping a cuppa!

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9 years ago

I confess that I wasn’t planning to participate in the food drive. So you made a difference here. 🙂

Mom Coblentz
9 years ago

Congrats Sherri!!!! Get it brewing…I’ll be over in the morning!

9 years ago
Reply to  Mom Coblentz

Hey! Come on over! Love to have you:)

9 years ago

And I didn’t know it was on Saturday. Glad you let us all know!

9 years ago

Well, I didn’t know about it either til your blog. You’re a better advertiser than you think. 🙂

Mama Zook
9 years ago

We had not gotten a notice from our carrier either, but I put my bag out there with a note on it, and he took it…maybe to feed the hungry at his house!!
Congratulations to the other Sherri for winning the coffee and the stamps!

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