Mother’s Day

Confession: I think we should all get medals the morning *after* Mother’s Day, when the daily grind kicks in. How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was lovely…

kelly and i

I woke up to find the kids bouncing around, waiting for me to see what they made with their daddy—a poster with flowers and butterflies.


Each of their faces was framed in a flower, and each had written five butterfly “certificates” for services they’ll offer me.


One hour of entertainment for Kelly

Clean my room

Help with flower bed weeding

Date night

Unload dishwasher

One hour solitude

Back rub

Wow!! Plus my sons pooled their money and bought me an Almond Joy. I can’t tell if it’s my favorite candy bar because I really love it or because no one else does. It’s a win-win situation. I had half of it for breakfast.

Then my son Regan came back from Sunday school with a Daffin’s candy bar for me and a card with five adjectives he’d chosen for his mommy. I howled. The first one was “pretty” and the second “merry.” I absolutely love the word merry and couldn’t have chosen a better compliment, but it seems so close to categorically untrue.

We went to the beach and luxuriated in sand and sun, our first time this season. The kids got soaked and the adults got in sync and it was deep family joy.



I found a tiny golden stone like a chick.


I talked with a friend or two after church about Mother’s Day, the little wince we feel on a day like this because we know we don’t deserve quite all the nice things that are said. When we had one baby we thought we did pretty good… now we’re several kids into it and have a few regrets. We complain and we yell and we worry about what we ought to have done differently and we see the fault-lines we are passing on.

I think we will talk more about mothering this week. First, how was your Day?

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9 years ago

I’m so lovin’ that you ate half the candy bar for breakfast. We are truly sisters at heart. ☺

9 years ago
Reply to  Kim

I loved that too, except I would have ate the whole thing……………

9 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Yup. I thought of you. 🙂 Love ya!

9 years ago

Having laid my Mother to rest 2 days before Mother’s Day this year, the day has taken on a completely different feeling for me! I couldn’t help but think this had to be the Very Happiest Mother’s Day of her life!! Upon arriving home today after 13 hours of driving, one of the first things my girls did was bring out the cards, etc they had prepared last week before we left! I got a candy bar too, only mine is Hershey’s Symphony with almond and toffee chips 🙂 YUM. Breakfast sounds like a good plan! 🙂

9 years ago

Lovely…I am delighted your family showered you with love and fun surprises. The beach was a great place to be yesterday! Delighted you could enjoy the sun and warm breeze.

9 years ago

I slept in until 7:30 on a Sunday morning. My kids woke me up with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, courtesy of their dad. We had some of it for breakfast. 😀 Then church, and a big family gathering in the afternoon. Lots of sunshine and fun and warm fuzzies. In the evening, an hour or two of solitude while the children were sleeping. Pretty much idyllic for me.

I love that poster your kids made. Good for them.

9 years ago

ahhhh…. My hubby set his alarm and had coffee poured for me and brought to my room before I stepped out of it that morning. He also mixed together the baked oatmeal, baked it and cleaned up the kitchen. We worked together on lunch prep and then he spent time grilling it. Two of the children’s SS classes had a short presentation before the message. Lovely thoughts and wishes. 🙂 A 1 1/2 hour “rest” on the front porch in full sun and a beautiful evening at the park with friends topped off the day. I am well loved, but like you said, have regrets at my selfishness and lack of patience. Thankful to my Jesus that He redeems those situations!

9 years ago

Your post and the comments here make me realize how much acts of service mean to us mommy folks. 🙂

My kids also gave me numerous coupons to be redeemed at a later date. I think it’s a great idea…..make mother’s day last through the year!

My kids (along with Dad’s help) made a lunch of pancakes and eggs and cleaned up afterwards while I played out in the sunshine with my 2 littlest ones.
We spent the evening hanging out with my mom and the rest of my family.

Perfection takes on different faces at different stages of life….I fell into bed feeling perfectly happy.

9 years ago

Glad you had such a good day, Shari!!! The beach sounds fantastic!!!
We had revivals at our church and the closing day was Sunday, Mother’s Day.
I sat through my first Mother’s Day sermon in 7 years. 🙂 We had a wonderful fellowship lunch, and a sermon on Separation in the evening!! 🙂
John Yoder (Craig’s boss) is such a positive preacher!!! I feel encouraged, blessed, convicted and revived!!! I also had an epiphany about my own mother!!! and I think some really new blessings in that relationship!!! 🙂
Mother is a powerful verb, and I want to put that to practice! there are so many opportunities in front of me (to mother), even when I don’t have my own biological children!!! 🙂

Wendy W.
9 years ago

I know about the feelings of inadequacies and self-criticisms- I do it every Mothers’ Day. But I also felt Jesus gently speaking to me, that I am redeemed and walking with Him, and that to do that to myself is a temptation from the enemy, PTL!!
I had a delightful day, it even started the evening before when Tony made sure the children cleaned up the house well, and took us out for supper, and brought me a hanging basket of fuchia. Now if I can only keep it alive! He also was trying to get the girls to help him figure out what to make for lunch on Sun., and I told him that it’s already made. So the thought sure counted!!
Then the next morning, my girls hung up a banner and hung cards with it, of course with many things written there, that let’s just say, I aspire to!!
And I got to listen to Tony’s first sermon at church, and then he washed the lunch dishes while I laid down with the two-year old and read “By Searching” -Isobel Kuhn.
I am thankful that I am a Mother- thankful that God gave me this opportunity!

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